Legalise Your Marriage

Legalise Your Marriage

Registration of marriages could be carried out by:

1. Registrar of Marriages at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Perkahwinan Negara (National Registration Department for Marriages) or

2. Assistant Registrar of Marriages appointed by the Jabatan Pendaftaran Perkahwinan Negara.

The followings are the documents required to register your marriage:

Registration for Non-Muslim

  • Original identification card (I/C) of the applicants.
  • Original birth certification (B/C) of the applicants.
  • 2 passport sized photo of the applicants.
  • Approval Form (E, N – if necessary).
  • Absolute divorce letter issued by the high court (for divorcee only).
  • Original death certificate (for spouse of widow/widower OR father/parent of the applicant who is below 21 years old only).
  • Under age licence (for lady applicant who is between the age of 16 and 18 years old).
  • Photo copy of 2 witnesses I/C.

Registration for marriages contracted in overseas

  • Original identification card (I/C) of the applicants.
  • Original birth certification (B/C) of the applicants.
  • 3 passport sized photo of the applicants.
  • Original marriage certificate received overseas.

Registration for marriages carried out under the customary rites before 1st March 1982

  • Original identification card (I/C) of the applicants.
  • Original birth certification (B/C) of the applicants.
  • 3 passport sized photo of the applicants.
  • Documents (eg. children’s B/C, wedding photo or other relevant documents) as prove of your marriage.

This is to serve as a reference only, the law might change, do check with Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to confirm and finalise.


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  2. Hello Esther, you can find the details here:
    Malaysia Marriage Registration Centres – Selangor

    You can see which is nearer to you, as I’m not from Klang Valley, I’m not so sure, you try to find it in the given link. :)

  3. I want marry with my vietnam girlfriend but i don`t know what process to do? Can any one recommend the agent? or any info relate?TQ

  4. Aht Chu, the best way is go to the marriage registration office and they will give u all the details you need.

  5. wow… marry with a vietnam girl also need to go registration office?

  6. Of course, you have to let them know you are married even if you don’t register your marriage locally else it won’t be recognise in Malaysia.

  7. so if i buy a wife for vietnam, i need to register her so she can get PR?

  8. You think it’s so easy to get PR in Malaysia? In your dream maybe. Hahaha… Even you married her and report your marriage to Malaysia authority, the law only recognises her as your wife but she won’t get any PR hahaha…

    If you are married outside of Malaysia and you don’t report about it, then you won’t get protected by Malaysian laws in case something happen to you, your wife won’t be recognised and you cannot enjoy any privilge for marriage couple in Malaysia as they will deem that you are still single.

    It doesn’t matter where you marry or who you marry, as long that you are a Malaysian, you have to report to the authority about your marriage so that they have a record that you are no longer single and if things happen to you, if you die, your wife will be able to have rights over your properties and even your body *touch wood* than going tru’ battle with your family members on your properties and so on. If you are caught married in other place and not reporting it and then marry another girl in Malaysia, you are the one that will go to jail hahaha…

  9. omg… so serious. so i can’t have wives in other countries like that.

  10. Hehehe… Don’t worry, convert your religion :P You can have 4 *LOL*

  11. I’m marrying a Muslim and to be registered in overseas. Would like some advise on what is going to happen when i register in Malaysia? Do I required to change my IC to Muslim? Do I need to change my name again even I have changed my name to a Muslim name in overseas (which can be evidenced in the overseas marriage certificate) ? I am Chinese.

  12. fcsw, this is pretty complicated, as you know, the law of Malaysia, you have to do all the necessary changes if you are marrying a Muslim especially who is also a Malaysian, you have to be converted too.

    If your husband isn’t a Malaysian, I think you don’t have to and there might be some procedures that you have to go tru’ because you are a Malaysian which makes it quite complicated unless you are going to let go of your citizenship then you don’t have to do all those.

    Since you are a Malaysian, you will have to go with the Malaysian laws. It’s best for you to contact the Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to get more details. Besides that, I think you will have to present yourself to the Muslim authority in Malaysia to legalise your marriage in Malaysia.

    All the best :) You can find some useful contact here to get more information:

  13. Dear fcsw,

    I am having the same problem as you. have you found out further on this? I heard that as long as you register your marriage in any commonwealth country, your marriage will still be recognised in Malaysia. But not sure whether that’s true =(

  14. in love but sad, your marriage will be recognised anywhere you got married by Malaysia as long that you got proper documents and report back to the authority in Malaysia. If you are non-muslim and marrying a non-Muslim, the procedure usually won’t be much of a hassle, it’s a hassle when you are Malaysian Muslim or you are non-Muslim but your partner is. Do visit this link to find out all the details you need from the authority:

    Malaysia Marriage Registration Centres
    Legally married in Malaysia
    Useful Links For Couples Getting Married In Malaysia

  15. Thanks for the link.

    Actually I’m a Chinese and my partner is a malay. both of us are malaysian and we have been working overseas. I have PR in the country that I’m working at as well. my parents will only agree to the marriage if I dun havta convert.

    A Lawyer fren of mine said that we can ROM overseas but I am worried for my kids (if we do have any) because they may not be recognised as Malaysian.

    Anyway, I will continue to search for advise. Is heart broken when religion is the reason for 2 person who love each other so much to be separated =(

  16. in love but sad, yea.. that’s the issue. No matter what, I think you have to convert as long that you are Malaysian since you need to let the authority in Malaysia to know that you are married to allow you enjoy the married couple rights which is a way for your own protection in case anything happen. Also you will have problem next time when kids come unless both of you let go of your citizenship or don’t let your kids be Malaysian but as citizen of the other country but then that’s another legal issue since none of you are citizen there but with PR I think maybe it can be done. Wish you best of luck.

  17. I Aht Chu,refer to my last time question marry vietnam girl.
    If i register my marriage but my wife can`t get the PR that means she can`t stay in Malaysia? So how my wife can stay without PR status? Without PR status many thing can`t do.
    What procedure to do for stay here long time?

  18. Aht Chu, indeed she can’t get the PR, it’s not easy to get one even you are married. She will have to always go out of Malaysia from time to time to get her passport stamp, for example just go across the border and get it stamp and come back in again which this is what happen to everyone marrying a foreigner and living in Malaysia. If I’m not mistaken, every six months or every year.

    You can try to apply PR for her but Malaysia is known for not easy to get PR, even those staying here for more than 20 years can’t even get one. I have a friend whose mom is a Bruneian and she’s in Malaysia for more than 30 years, she’s still holding a non-Malaysian IC.

    It’s all depend on luck unless she is some sought after professional then maybe there is some hope to get it sooner.

    Indeed many things cannot do, you have to live with it, that’s the law. So this is something you have to consider. However, once you are married and registered legally according to the law, she will be covered in case something happen to you as she is your legal wife. Your child should be a Malaysian if you both have one in the future.

    It is best for you to check with the authority as all I’m giving here are based on the cases I’ve seen around me.

  19. Dear Sir,
    Good morning. I want to know about Non-muslim marriage law (civil marriage law). Can a muslim foreigner man marry a non-muslim malaysian girl without making her convert to muslim in malaysia? If the muslim guy marry the non-muslim malaysian girl without converting her in to muslim in his own country (permitted by country Law), will it be accepted my Malaysian law?

    It will be higly appreciated if you kindly answer my above mentioned question.

    With regards

    Dr. Sumon.

  20. Hi Dr. Sumon, this case I never encounter though. Logically if it’s realted to Islam or Muslim in Malaysia. If one is not a Muslim, he/she must be converted if the other party is a Malaysian Muslim.

    For your case maybe there is exemption since you are not a Malaysian Muslim and she is not a Malaysian Muslim. However, it is best for your wife-to-be to consult with the Malaysian authority first and see what’s their advise before going to the Islamic authority as you two have to report back to Malaysia about your marriage once it’s registered in your country.

  21. Hi I’m a Malaysian Chinese girl and is going to marry an Indonesian Chinese man. We will have our registration done in Singapore as I am working here, holding work permit. After we get married do both of us have to return to our hometown get the Marriage Certificate endorsed within 6 months?
    By then can my husband apply Malaysia PR? In what condition can our children become Malaysian?

  22. Hi Eve, for Malaysian, you have to report it back to Malaysia in 6 months with all the ducuments you get from the marriage registration.

    As for your husband getting a PR, it’s not possible at all. Any foreign spouse is forever a foreigner, it’s not easy to get a PR for foreigner in Malaysia unless he is some professional that Malaysia lack of and need him.

    As for the kids, here’s a respond from a reader in another post:
    With regards to citizenship, if the father of the child is Malaysian, it doesn’t matter where you give birth. You can claim Malaysian citizenship with ease.

    The problem arises only for women with foreign spouses who give birth out of Singapore or Malaysia. For these women, they cannot claim citizenship for their children as it is stated in the constitution that citizenship for Malaysians is only passed down by the father. The only way around this is to give birth either in Singapore or Malaysia.

    If you give birth in Australia, your children are entitled to claim Australian citizenship based on their laws – each country is different – but be aware that Malaysia doesn’t allow dual citizenship.

  23. Hi,

    Can I have list of marriage registration centre in Johor Bahru?

  24. Hi there, i’m a malaysian and my wife from hong kong . And we both already register marriage at Australia. So just wonder do we need to get register at malaysia ? If so where can i register ? I’m live in perak, is there any office i can go to ? And is it call re-register ? What doc should we bring along ? Thanks so much.

  25. Hi Raymond, you already registered in Australia, you don’t have to register in M’sia anymore but you must report it to the relevant authority with all the documents you got from the registration by going to the nearest JPN in your hometown to report it. If I’m not mistaken, you can also just go to the Malaysia High Commissioner in Australia to report about it. Be sure to report it in 6 months from the date you register your marriage so that M’sia government knows that you got married already, it’s meant to update the citizen’s data in their database. If you report it late, you will be slapped with penalty.

    As for you wife, she might have to report back to her country also as each country has different law for it.

  26. Fist thanks so much for the reply. And just go another question,
    if we going to report it at malaysia, will my wife HK citizen be cancel and PR of australia be cancel as well ? Because somebody said that it will happen ! I’m not sure for that, so need for your help

    Many Thanks

  27. sorry, all4ray = raymond


  28. all4ray aka raymond, no such thing.

    If a foreigner marries a Malaysian, he/she will maintain his/her citizenship and PR. The government won’t grant her a Malaysian citizenship or PR in Malaysia. So she is safe from being stripped off any of them unless she wanted to be a Malaysian. If so she had to let go of her HK citizenship but it’s not easy to be granted with PR or a citizen status for foreign spouse in Malaysia unless she is a professional sought after by the Malaysian government.

    By the way, your children will follow your citizenship, they will be Malaysian. Since you’re in Australia, you can apply for Australia citizenship for your children but if you do so, they won’t be a Malaysian. So it’s up to you and your wife to decide. Malaysian cannot hold dual citizenship.

    One thing for sure is that she won’t loss her citizenship or Australia PR.

    Hope this answers your question.

  29. Thanks so much for your help

  30. all4ray, all the best to you :)

  31. Hi, my husband is a Singapore PR and we ROM in Singapore two months ago. What are the procedures he need to take to inform Malaysia about our marriage? Can you list down the full procedure and who to contact etc? Thanks in advance for providing so much useful info to everyone! :)

  32. Oh by the way, does he need to go all the way back to Malaysia to inform, or can we just settle it in Singapore? Sorry for so many questions asked. Looking forward to getting your reply! :)

  33. Hi Ling, all I know is u have to do it within 6 months from the date u ROM in Singapore. Bring all the documents(the cert, you identification, passport etc.) to prove that you are married, every single documents and go to your nearest JPN to proceed. If I’m not mistaken you can do it at the Malaysia High Commissioner in Singapore to do it. You can check out the links below and get detailed information from them:

  34. Hi,I would like to know how long does it take to make an appointment with the Marriage Registration Department and the registration could be done. Moreover, will the marriage registration certificate to be issued immediately. This is because my partner and I will be in Malaysia for about 10 days, and both of us are working overseas. Please be informed that we have to return to Malaysia for the registration because all the important documents are kept in Malaysia. Will there be any exceptional case or we have to follow the rules?

  35. May A, I don’t think 10 days can get anything done, as the application need to be done and at the same time arrange for appointment to be registered, it’s not an overnight thing. After you apply, your application will place at the notice board of the registrar to see whether there’s anyone does not agree to your marriage for 3 weeks. Only then the registration can proceed, so 10 days is not possible. I don’t think it can be cut short unless you come back to get your documents and register overseas at the embassy or high commissioner. However, since you will be back for the documents, might as well drop by to ask them to see whether they can cut short for you, who knows…

  36. Hi. I am a Malaysian Muslim and my fiance is an Aussie Catholic. He is converting either in his country or Malaysia in a couple of months. What i’d like to know is if he needs to attend the Kursus Kahwin coz from what ive heard it is conducted in Bahasa, he wouldn’t understand a thing. And how long would it be coz he’s working full time in OZ, so would need to take leave for it. Ive tried searching for the official Islamic department for Sarawak for the answers, but no luck. Do u have any idea where i should read? Thanks alot!

  37. daddyslilprincess, I think the kursus must be attended no matter what. I also don’t know how to answer you hmm… Maybe this site will help:

  38. Hi admin

    we already found away so my girl friend will convert to Islam and everything is gonne be
    thanks alot.

  39. hello , i m malaysian , i will get marry soon at vietnam .If i marry a vietnamese girl , how long they can stay at malaysia when i back to malaysia ? What document she need to have ? If my baby born at vietnam , what citizenship status my baby ? I need my baby follow me as a malaysian status. Thank YOU

  40. christopher, she will be treated with no different as any foreigner. You have to check with the immigration department for the visa. If I’m not mistaken, every 6 months she must get out of the country to get her passport stamped.

    Your child will follow your citizenship, no worries.

    However, you must report your marriage back in Malaysia within 6 months of your marriage in Vietnam else your marriage won’t be recognised here. If after 6 months then you report, then you will be slap with penalty.

    All you need to bring are all the documents(passports, IC, marriage cert etc.) that proves that you are married there so that JPN can update your marital status.

  41. Hi, I plan to register marriage with my Vietnamese girl friend on July 2009 at Vietnam first and then come back to register again at Malaysia on September 2009. My question is what is the procedure to register at Vietnam?What document needed? I already get the single status from JPN Malaysia. Is it document need to translate to Vietnam language?

  42. Eng, there is no such thing register in one place and register again in another place. If you register in Vietnam, you just have to report back to JPN in Malaysia within 6 months with all the marriage documents you got from Vietnam so that they can update their database with your new marital status.

    Since I’m not from Vietnam, I don’t know what they require. You have to check with them yourself. Whether it needed to be translated, that you also have to check with those in Vietnam. It is best for you to go to ask the relevant authority in Vietnam about it since you will be doing it there.

    All the best.

  43. Hi. I just came across this site by chance! and I guess we are in trouble. I am a British and married my Malaysian husband in November 2008 in Singapore and we didn’t report to the JPN as we didn’t know we have to! We are now residing in London. So, it is now more than 6 months from the date of solemnization. Please advise what we can do next and how much is the fine??!

  44. Sue, no problem, just go to the embassy or Malaysia high commissioner in London to report it by bringing all the document, identification documents, the legal documents that state that you are married, the photos too if not mistaken if you have. As for the fine, I’m not so sure but shouldn’t be too high. Expect a 3 figure in Ringgit maybe…

  45. Dear Admin,
    Thanks for the advise. It is now done and dusted! We went to the Malaysian Embassy, London and showed all the necessary documents and paid the fine.
    So, those out there, make sure you register within 6 months after the marriage or get a hefty fine :
    Payment: —

    Sijil Perkahwinan = RM20.00 Marriage Certificate = RM20.00

    Penalti bagi pendaftaran lewat= Tahun pertama RM100.00
    Penalty for late registration in first = RM100.00
    Setiap tahun berikutnya RM50.00 Each subsequent year RM50.00

    All the best.

  46. Sue, thanks for sharing :)

  47. hi…
    im a filipina and my husband is a malaysian…
    we already got married here in philippines last May 2009..
    now he planned to get me this coming october…
    he want to invite me until 6 months of staying there..
    we also plan to register our marriage in malaysia..
    can u please advice me for all the documents we need to so that we can register our marriage there even we got married here in the philippines…!!!is there a possibility that he can apply me for PR there…?…coz we want to stay together there..
    thanks…waiting for your good advice…

  48. Hi Honey,

    You don’t have to register here again since you’re already married there. All you need is your marriage cert, related documents that you got when you register your marriage and all your identification documents and bring it to the nearest Malaysian Embassy in the Philippines and pay the fee to inform the country that your husband is no longer a single man. You can refer to Sue’s comment.

    If you want to report it in Malaysia also can whichever is convenient for you. I think you might also have to bring your wedding photos as proof too if not mistaken.

    You can never get a PR, sorry. That’s how Malaysia is. Unless you are some professional that is very sough after by the government, you will only get social visit visa. The time duration will depend on how the immigration department will give you. After the time is up, you have to get out of the country and come back again just to get your passport stamp. That’s what I heard. If not mistaken, the visa can be extended too but there are terms and conditions to follow.

    All the best.

  49. hey,,, i need answers bout my peroblems,,, im a malaysian married to a filipino gal in the pilippines since 2004,,,our marriage is not yet registerd in malaysia as for we have conflicts between both side of our parents… the question now is

    1. will there be any penalty if i were to register our marriage now in malaysia?

    2. i was ask for a legal capacity letter by the mayor of the city i was married in the philippines to make the marriage legal there as for now it is not.

    3. we have actually 3 kids age 2+, 4, and 5, how can i register them as a malaysian????

    pls advice…

  50. owh and where do i get this lagal capacity form??

  51. confused,

    1. Please refer to sue’s comment for the fee that you will be penalized. However, you must have all the legal documents that prove that you both are married legally in the Philippines.

    2. Since they request you for it, you should ask them back where to get it and get all the answer from them, they know better where to get all the needed documents. Sorry, can’t help much because I don’t know anything about what you are talking about. My knowledge is very limited, I’m not an expert in this thing. This is just a blog to share whatever I know that’s all. I’m not related to any government institutions of agencies that deal with such stuff.

    3. Get yourself legally married first as children of Malaysian dad will follow the dad’s citizenship. Not legally married and there is nothing can be done. It will also depend on how their birth were reported. Furthermore, there is no legal proof that you both a legally married and that they are indeed your children. That is why it is important for couple to be legally married to avoid such issues and will cause big problem to the family. With you not having your marriage legally register before they come, there might be a huge hassle and money involved if you want them to be Malaysians. Furthermore, already have kids for 5 years, this is definitely one huge headache. There is a need to make sure what is the citizenship is your kids having now, most probably they are Filipino since your wife is a Filipino.

    I cannot help much here sorry. This is not the right place for you to get such information. It’s best that you consult the Malaysian Embassy and also departments related to your issue. Go and bombard them with your problems rather than scouring the Internet that will take up lots of your time coz it’s not easy to find such information in the Internet, laws kept changing, the related agencies will know what you should do.

  52. Hi, i’m DD from malaysia. please give me some info on how can i check if a muslim man or woman is already married.So that i can make sure if a rumour is a rumour or the truth. can i check it online using one’s ic no to know the marrital status of someone ? tq

  53. Dear admin,

    I am planing to get married with an Indonesian girl in her country who is a muslim but she will be converting to Christian soon. My problem is that she is still at the age of 17. Is there any issue to marry a foreigner and report back to Malaysia at her age below 21? I am a Chinese Malaysian. Thanks for your advices in advance.

  54. DD, hmm… I’m not sure this kind of thing can check or not. If can, JPN might be the place to check. There is no way to check online because this is confidential information.

    ConfusedOne, first of all, make sure she’s converted before marrying her to avoid those unwanted troubles. I don’t think Malaysia gov can do anything if you marry someone below 21 outside of Malaysia. I assume you will marry her in Indonesia, as long that the Indonesian gov allows it, there will be no problem. However, do bear in mind that getting or apply for a PR for her is not easy in Malaysia unless she a professional sought after by M’sian gov else she will only hold a social visit visa and must get it stamp at the immigration dept from time to time.

  55. Dear admin

    Really appreciate your reply. I found out many useful information through your site because this is my first marriage. And i will marry her in Indonesia. I find another another way to go for it. Since the penalty is not unaffordable. I am willing to pay for it. Meaning that i can wait until she is 21 years old. Yes. I will wait ask her to convert to Christian first before we can get married. She is agreed and both of her parent also agreed and wishing us have a happy marriage.
    I came across other thread saying that conversion can be done easily. Am i right?
    Anyway i will personally go down to the JPN to check it out is there any issue with the age of 17.

    Again, really thanks for your reply.

  56. Dear admin

    My last concern now is how an Indonesian can formally convert to Christian from Islam. Could you please advise the proper step if you got knowledge about this?

    I really wish to give you a gift as a token of gratitude if you able to answer me this :)

    I am asking around now.

  57. ConfusedOne, I’m not sure how easy for a Muslim to convert to other religion in Indonesia but in Malaysia surely is a big problem. If it’s easy in Indonesia, then you are very lucky.

    There shouldn’t be a problem in reporting it back to Malaysia if you got your marriage registered in Indonesia but it’s better for you to check just in case :) .

    All the best!

  58. Dear admin

    I am not longer a confusedone :)
    As i got all the answers i believe.
    My partner told me that this can be done within 3 days. Meaning that they can change their religion on their IC (Kartu) and Certificate Of Birth (Surat Kelahiran) if they wish to do so.

    Thanks for your kind reply and have a great day ahead.

  59. ConfusedOne, good for you! All the best :)

  60. Dear admin,

    I am a confused one again. :(
    I heard my friend says that it is better to register in Malaysia instead of in Indonesia as i am from Malaysia
    This can avoid any unexpected issues when we have our baby in future. Do you think so?

    Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  61. ConfusedOne, just put it this way:

    If you decided to marry her in Indonesia and do not want to report the marriage to Malaysia within 6 months and want to wait till she is 21 years old but you already have children by then, then you are really in deep trouble because your children will not be able to follow your citizenship because your marriage is not recognized in Malaysia.

    If you want to marry her in Malaysia, you must make sure she is no longer a Muslim. Besides that, there is extra application that you have to make as she is below 21 years old but I have no idea how’s the process, JPN will be able to help you with this. After registering the marriage in Malaysia, you still have to report back to Indonesia about your marriage.

    There will not be any issue if your marriage is legally registered and reported in both countries. It makes no difference on where you register as long that it’s legal.

  62. Dear Admin

    I really appreciate your advices and information. Yes. I cannot wait until she is 21 years old if got children soon. What i mean is that i will have to report back to Malaysia if we got children even though she is still under 21 years old. By doing this, our children will be able to follow my citizenship.

    Since there will not be any issue if my marriage is legally registered and reported in both countries then i think i will registered in Indonesia. This will be easier as her parent can sign the document (as she is under 21 years old) and no need to travel to Malaysia to sign. Am i right? Or i will have to seek advice from JPN to see if her parent needs to travel to Indonesia while i am reporting back to Malaysia?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  63. Dear Admin

    And my last concern, do you have any idea whether there is any issue if we planning to travel to Thailand & East Malaysia if we got married and registered in Indonesia? Does she need to apply any permission from the related division? Or she can simply travel using her passport? The reason i am asking this is that my cousin wife also is an Indonesian and she told me that she will have to apply a new VISA if she wants to travel to oversea after legally registered in Malaysia.

    Please advice. Many thanks.

  64. ConfusedOne, I’m not sure if you report back to Malaysia the parents need to be there or not. Hmm… This is just my guess but it’s best to ask JPN about. Since already done it in Indonesia, then just bring all the related documents as proofs should be fine. If you are looking for JPN’s number to ask you can check out:
    or go to

    As for the visa thing, I’m not very sure but since that’s what your cousin’s wife said, then it should be similar.

  65. Dear admin

    Have you heard about for someone who wants to get married in Indonesia (other country) will have to get an approval letter (surat keizinan) from thier government (it could be JPN)?

    For my case, is it true that i will have to get this kind of letter from any related division in order to get married in Indonesia?

    My partner has already converted to a Christian. I hope that this is my last question. Thanks for your help in advance.

    Have a nice day!

  66. Confusedone, I never heard of that for Malaysian but you might have to get your single certificate as I’m think the Indonesian government might need it. Many people I know just got married overseas and come back to report.

  67. Dear admin

    I have called to JPN headquarter in KL.
    You are right. It’s a single status certificate.
    You need to have that certificate before yoy can get married in oversea.

    Thanks for your reply.:)

  68. Confusedone, oh! I see. Good for you! All the best!

  69. Dear admin

    I’d like to know more about the requirement to get married with an Indonesian girl in Malaysia. I am Malaysian.
    My only concern is my fiance is just about 16 years old plus. The legal age to get married in Indonesia is 16 years old. As far as i know, she will need to get the parental consent and her mother will then need to visit to Malaysia while doing the marriage certificate in Malaysia. And the minimum staying in Malaysia will be 7 days before get married. Besides she needs to get a Single Status leter, am i right she will also need a letter from Pengadilan Dalam Negeri in where she is currently staying in order to get married in oversea because she is under age of 17? Can she get married by using her passport instead of IC in Malaysia? As she don’t have an IC yet because an Indonesian can only get the IC (KTP) at the age of 17.

    Please advise. If you are able to help then i will be pleasure to register through your company. Many thanks.

  70. Hi,

    I’m a 23 yrs old Malaysian and my boyfriend is an Australian who is still in Australia. I studied in Canberra for 1 1/2 years and fell in love with the place and people. I want to move back there. But the problem is I couldn’t find a job that will provide me with a working visa.

    SO currently my boyfriend and I are discussion on getting married. Though we love each other very much, we feel that it is too early to get married. Do you know if it’s possible if I go to Australia under a tourist visa (3 months) then while I am still in Australia, apply for a fiance visa (9 months)?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  71. Jack Lee, I thougth I had replied you -.-” Please get advise from nearest JPN because I have no idea how to deal with your case. Furthermore, I have to stress that, I do not own a company or involve in any kind of such business, this site is only as a place for my hobby in sharing about wedding stuffs that I found.

    Michelle, well… It sounds logical, seems OK but what most important is that does the Aus government allows it? It is best for your bf to get information in Aus from the relevant department. All the best.

  72. i would like to check with you, do you know where can I have my ROM on sunday?

  73. cutie, any place, any where you want. All you need to do is arrange it with JPN as they have a list of assistant registrars that can make your dream come true.

  74. Hi,
    My fiancée (from PRC/China) plan to register our marriage and have the ceremony in Malaysia (Ipoh). We know she needs a “Declaration of Single Status” document, which we’re confident we can get from her Provincial Administration Office.

    But we’ve heard different stories about getting some other endorsement documents/single status letters IN Malaysia. Add to that, it seems PRC/China is a “special case” country(?). Do you have any information about what specific documents we still need to get in Malaysia?


  75. Marcus, the best way is head to JPN, they will give you all the details since you need to get the necessary forms and even your own single status certificate from there. You can also opt to go to those Chinese Chamber of Commerce and I’m sure they can help. Sorry, can’t help much here.

  76. Hi,
    I am a Malaysian & going to married my fiancee who is a Chinese(PRC). Both of us working in Singapore & holding Singapore PR.
    Can you pls advise me on wat is the process for our marriage registration? Wat documents is required & what is the steps I need to go through? Can my fiancee apply for long term visa like 1 year so it is not so troublesome?
    Is it true that there is no way for her to apply Malaysia PR?Tks.

  77. Alexis2Power, sorry, can’t help much because I’m not related to any agency, I’m just normal citizen like you. I can only provide you with what I heard, you can get all the details you need by paying JPN a visit. No long term visa, starting is 6 month if not mistaken. PR can apply but it’s not easy to be approved unless she is some professional that Malaysia needs. You can consider registering in Singapore instead to avoid all those troubles, after register there, go to the embassy or come back to Malaysia and report to the nearest JPN about your marriage status.

  78. hi, im planning to marry a vietnamese girl next yr. but until now i stil doesn’t knw wat is the procedure in malaysia. and they required “Declaration of single status”. where i get this document? and finally how long she can stay here after married. and do u knw whr is JPN office in KL? thanks

  79. deric, I’m sorry but I can’t help you much, if you want to know where is JPN located in KL please check out this page:
    The list is not updated but might be able to help you out in locating the one nearer to you.

    Everything you need to know will be at JPN and the single certificate is also obtain from JPN. As for your fiance, she has to obtain it at her own country.

    As for the visa part, I’m not so sure however it shouldn’t be different from other country such as Indonesia, here’s the related posts:

  80. hi sir,
    im a pilipina,my boyfriend is chinese malaysian…if ever we got a my baby and me can get identification card in malaysia?

  81. charmaine, normally you child will follow your husband citizenship, so there will no problem for your child. For you, it will be different story. You will forever be considered foreigner as long that your PR application is not approved.

  82. hi,

    I’m from Sarawak and my bf from Kedah, we decided to do our ROM in Kedah. May i know, what is the procedure of ROM and is that both of our parents must attend the ROM? If need 21 days notice, then if like our case one work in sarawak one in kuala lumpur how? is that possible that we submit the form in sep and register in february? because we need to book air ticket and scare that the procedure will delay and we cant fly back to sarawak in time. is there any special case like us?

  83. Evelyn, you have to change your IC address to Kedah before you can register in Kedah. Once you submitted(must both go and submit together) you will have to wait for 21 days for approval. After that you can proceed to set the time on when you want to do the registration. If you submit in September, you will definitely in time to do it in February.

  84. hi admin,

    my fiance and i plan to get married in hongkong on december, i’m indonesian and he’s malaysian chinese. the thing is i’m registered as a muslim in my ic, although in my passport and birth cert my religion is not stated. i just wanna ask if we get married outside malaysia and register in malaysia after that, can i get away without converting? since the only documents required to legalize marriage in malaysia are the overseas marriage cert, passport and birth cert, no religion is printed on those documents. or will the government do a thorough background check. we plan to reside in malaysia after our marriage.

  85. AJ, since you are not Malaysian Muslim, both of you are excluded from the law of converting I think. Just bring all the documents you get in HK to prove your marriage and report back to Malaysia or the ambassador office in HK.

  86. hi…im ray..i need your in love with a phillipine gal n she is a single mom..never married before but she have a son 8 years old..i would liketo marry her n bring her son along to malaysia to live with me…what should i do?

  87. ray, please go to JPN for more information since she is a foreigner they will need extra documents, at her country, she must also get her single certificate and make arrangement at her country. If you are to register here in Malaysia, you must report back to her home country with all your documents after the registration else her marriage is not legal in her home country.

  88. dear admin

    i have 1 issue here is I wan marry a girl who below 21 years old. She do not want to let her mother consent about her marriage.

    What should I do? Please advise on this

  89. if, i want married a Chinese girl in China. How shall i proceed for this application? Is she will automatically become a PR of Malaysia? If we have kids, does she/he will be Malaysian’s citizen or China’s citizen, or both are none as above?
    If, i can find a job for her in Malaysia? does the procedures become more easier ?
    Or, if i registered with her in China, is this married certificate be valid in Malaysia, or i need to registered with JPN once we return to Malaysia?


  90. how do i get my single status declaration letter? i am malaysian muslim woman, gonna marry a german in germany.

  91. Hi Stephen, well… You can’t do anything until she is 21 years old. Nothing you can do.

  92. James, you can register your marriage in China and report back to Malaysia within 6 months with all the documents you have from China.

    As for PR or citizenship, sorry, no way. Unless she is a professional the government sought after. She has to do whatever other foreigner is doing, renew her visa from time to time. She can always apply but it will take yearssssss… Some ppl applied for 10 years 20 years also never get. So really depends on luck. She can’t work legally here too unless someone wants to hire her and be her guarantor or something.

    If have kids, they will follow your Malaysia citizenship. No one person in Malaysia can hold two citizenship, can only choose one.

  93. Katze, since u’re a Muslim, I don’t think you get it from JPN, not so sure. For non-Muslim, it’s from JPN. You might want to ask you friends and family who are Muslim about it.

  94. Please help! My son intends to marry an indon chinese girl ASAP coz she is already 5 months pregnant. Her EDD is mid July. The main problem is she is a divorcee. Can you enlighten me on the documents needed to get legally married here in Malaysia so that when the baby is born, he will be officially registered as Malaysian citizen.

  95. Jackie, sorry, I can’t give you any advise on it as I’m not familiar with such thing, I’m not even related to any department at all. Please go to the nearest JPN and they will give you all the needed information. One thing for sure, she will need to show her certificate stating that she’s divorced. All the best.

  96. i wondered if anyone can help me,i am an english man who wants to marry an Malaysian woman national,i have heard various stories of what do do when it comes to marrying a malaysian,i want to marry next year,and am trying to find work in Malaysia.i dearly want to live i n Malaysia as i love the country,how long do i have to be in the country for wedding to be approved and legalised as i will only have 17 days per vacation and what are the chances of getting pr or do i have to keep leaving the country every six months to get passport stamped i am really worried about how to do everything the correct way please advise

  97. noel, sorry, no PR for anyone marrying a Malaysian unless maybe if you marry a Muslim, chances might be better to get a PR. You have to make sure you found a woman who wants to marry you then you can go about it else you can’t really do much. Good luck!

  98. [...] After the solemnization of marriages in the respective country, the newly wed couple has to return to Malaysia within six (6) months from the date of solemnization and report to the Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to Legalised Your Marriage. [...]

  99. [...] After the solemnization of marriages in the respective country, the new wed couple has to return to Malaysia within six (6) months from the date of solemnization and report to the Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to Legalised Your Marriage. [...]

  100. [...] After the solemnization of marriages in the respective country, the newly wed couple has to return to Malaysia within six (6) months from the date of solemnization and report to the Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to Legalised Your Marriage. [...]

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