Marry A Foreigner/Malaysian Outside Malaysia (Both above 21 years old)

If you are:

marrying a foreigner or both of you are Malaysians, aged more than 21 years old that intended to get married outside of Malaysia, be sure to prepare these documents:

  • The bridegroom-to-be and/or the bride-to-be (Malaysia citizenship holder) must apply for a single status (never been married before) from the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara in Malaysia.
  • The approved single status (never been married before) has to be authenticated by the Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia.

After the solemnization of marriages in the respective country, the newly wed couple has to return to Malaysia within six (6) months from the date of solemnization and report to the Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to Legalised Your Marriage.

This is to serve as a reference only, the law might change, do check with Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to confirm and finalise.

23 Replies to “Marry A Foreigner/Malaysian Outside Malaysia (Both above 21 years old)”

  1. If not mistaken you can get it on the spot. However, to get it authenticated might need some period of time. Not very sure about.

  2. Hi,
    The Single Status letter can i apply at Jabatan Pendaftaran at my state in Perak ? Can i know the address?

  3. Need some confirmation about “single status letter”
    If malaysian marry with foreigner ,only the foreignter need it but malaysia citizen is not require is it?

    I am confuse about it. Pls help..

  4. The Malaysian must have that letter no matter where he/she is getting married. As for the foreigner, it depends on the foreigner’s country, I’m not so sure, logically there should be a need of it also.

  5. Hi,
    I had check with JPN Perak, they said malaysian not need.When they check then system will show all the details.
    Only required for the foreigner..
    This really really make me confuse.
    If really need it.Where can i get the “single status letter”? Some people say get from lowyer.Can u tell me should get it from where.

  6. Hi,
    But last week i went JPN Perak , they said malaysian no need “single status letter”,only the foreigner need.

    I really confuse . Can u tell me where should i get the “single letter status” ? if not from JPN then where? Pls help me..

    I worried i need to go Putrajaya few round if the documents missed out some.

  7. Faint… All my friend got married all need to get the cert, this is the first time I hear there’s no need of one. Or they are implementing a new system already, paperless one. Really don’t know how to help you in this because all these while everyone goes to JPN to get it. Since some people say get it from lawyer, then ask them which lawyer to go to. This is so weird. Even in JPN website itself also stated the need to the single status letter be it foreigner or Malaysian.

    As for foreigner, the foreigner must get it from their own country or contact the high comissioner of the respective country for it. For Malaysian, it’s all this while from JPN unless they are implementing new system.

    You can check this post out:
    Contact anyone of them that is related from there to get more details so that you don’t need to run here and there.

    All the best to you.

  8. on Jan 29th, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    Hi ;

    I am a VietNamese girl and my fiance is a Jordanian man. We have a plan to go Malayia to get married .

    Someone can help us . we can get married there in Malaysia or not and What kind of doduments we need to submit for getting married certificate in Malaysia ?

    Where we can go and how long does it take from we submit our documents until the Malaysian Government to give us the married certificate ?

    Please help us

    I’m looking foward to hearing from you soonest

    Thanks and best regards

  9. Hi Maria, Yes, you can. However, I don’t have much information to help you with. You can always go to your nearest marriage registration department or Malaysia embassy/high comissioner in your country and ask them what kind of document you need for you to get married in Malaysia, I’m sure they will have all the answer. Besides, you always have the duty to report your marriage back to your country after the marriage registration in Malaysia as long that you are still a Vietnamese, it goes the same to your fiance as each country requires different documents for getting married overseas. All the best and congrates for finding your life companion.

  10. Hi,

    I am seeking advice for a friend who is now in US. She is a Malaysian, registered to a US citizen in the US. She has not registered her marriage with the consulate general of Malaysia in US (according to them, one year to register). Now she thinks her marriage will not work and would probably end in separation. Since she knows if will be a divorce eventually, does she still need to register her marriage?

  11. lyn, hmm… Tough case. There might be problem later in her divorce procedure as she won’t be protected in case things turn ugly. I’m sorry that I can’t help in this part coz I’m not the expert.

  12. hi, i planned to marry my girlfren who is an indonesian girl. wat is the procedure for this marriage? both of us is still single.

  13. I am a muslim Malaysian n got married to an Australian guy but just on paper not proper Muslim way as .. We plan to go back to Malaysia to get married in a Muslim way.. Pls tell me how to go about things..

  14. Hhr, sorry, I have no idea how the Muslim way is. It’s not the same as non-Muslim’s. It’s best that you get your friends, relatives or family back in Malaysia to ask the relevant authority, I’m sure they will know. He definitely need to be converted for sure. There will be quite a number of processes that he has to go tru’. Not going to be as simple as non-Muslim whom only need to report back JPN about it.

  15. Greetings!

    I just bumped into this site and wow!! very helpful & informative!

    I have a few questions and would be really grateful for any help trying to answer them.

    I am a Malaysian residing overseas. I have been divorce for 5 years now, but i only managed to collect my decree nisi absolute from my lawyers about 2 days ago. My questions

    1) as i am not in malaysia, will my sister be able to obtain the single status letter for me?

    2) since my divorce cert has just been collected 2 days ago, will my status be updated in the system or has it been updated the moment the decree nisi absolute was pronounced by the judge?

    3) how long does it normally take for the single status letter to be ready? can it be done in a day?

    thanking you so much in advance, and happy valentines day to all.

    warmest regards,

  16. Hello lia,

    Don’t think I can help much. I’ll just answer it based on what I know.

    1) You have to do it yourself or you can get it from the high commissioner of Malaysia.

    2) Not sure, you can always check with people that issue the cert to you as they are the one that know whether it’s updated or not.

    3) On the same day at JPN in Malaysia. If you’re requesting for it outside of Malaysia from the Hi Comm, then it might take awhile.

  17. one. i planned to marry my girl friend who is (thailand girl)
    two. what is the procedure for this marriage?
    three. both of us is still single.
    four. we getting married in thailand)

  18. Tze Chien, if you want to get married in Thailand, ask the Thailand side for the requirements because I have no idea what they need. After registering in Thailand, just come back with all the documents and lodge your marriage to your nearest JPN in Malaysia within 6 months.

  19. Hi , i m bangladeshi Christian guy. My girlfriend is Malaysian Christian. We love each other so much and want to married her. But i dont know what document i should have? Please can help me let me know what document i need here for marrie with my girlfriend. Please help me . Thanks

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