Marry A Foreigner In Malaysia (Both above 21 years old)

Marry A Foreigner in Malaysia (Both above 21 years old)

If you are a foreigner that want to marry your partner who is a Malaysian, both of you are aged above 21 years old, here’s what you need to do:

Both the bridegroom-to-be and the bride-to-be must be present in person with the following documents :

Submission for Application

  • Original and photocopy of identity card (Malaysia citizenship holder)
  • Original and photocopy of birth certificates (Malaysia citizenship holder)
  • Original and photocopy of single status (never been married before) certificate which has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia or English Language by a certificated translator and authenticated by Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in the issuing country or Embassy/High Commission/Consulate of the issuing country in Malaysia.
  • Original and photocopy of passport of the foreigner.
  • Two (2) passport-size (5.0cm x 3.5cm) coloured photographs each.
  • A photocopy of the respective identity cards of two witnesses. The witnesses must be a Malaysian Citizen and above 21 years old. The witnesses do not required to be presented during the submission.

Appointment date of registration may be fixed during the submission of application.

On the day of registration of marriage
Both the bridegroom-to-be and the bride-to-be must be present in person together with their two witnesses. The documents required to bring along and guidelines are:

  • Original identity card and birth certificate of the Malaysian citizenship holder (bridegroom-to-be or bride-to-be)two witnesses.
  • Original identity card the two witnesses.
  • Original passport of the foreigner.
  • The bridegroom-to-be and their male witness(s) must be neatly dressed (long sleeves shirts with tie or our national costume – batik). While the bride-to-be and their female witness(s) must also be neatly dressed. T-shirt, jeans, short pants and slippers are not allowed.
  • Children are not allowed to attend the registration. This is to avoid them causing disturbances during the registration.
  • Photograph taking is allowed, however, the photographer shall not be the bridegroom-to-be, bride-to-be or any of the two witnesses.
  • The registration of marriage may not be carried out if the couple do not follow the above guidelines.

This is to serve as a reference only, the law might change, do check with Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to confirm and finalise.


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  1. If the person that i want to marry is a guy of vietnam citizen where he under kontrak to work in malaysia for about 3 years already.can we marry here?
    how about his citizan status? i am female malaysian citizen but still want to remain as a malaysian citizen although after married to him.
    If can’t how we can get marry?
    hope can reply soon.thanks

  2. First of, sorry for the late reply.

    winnie, congrates for finding your love. I’m not the expert but roughly from my research and also having some friends with this experiences, if you two are going to register in Malaysia, there are some requirements for your guy to fulfill such as he has to be in Malaysia for how many weeks and then leave and come back again and so on, it’s quite a lengthy process that you have to check with the Marriage Registration department.

    However, if you two get your marriage registered in Vietnam(which they will have their own procedure that you need to find out also), you just have to get your single status certificate from Malaysia, marry in Vietnam and come back to Malaysia to declare that you are married. You can read this here:

    As for citizenship, you should be still a Malaysian unless you give up your citizenship.

  3. im a malaysian if i want to marry a philppine what i have have to, n how long it will take.what ducuments does she needs.

  4. pj, the documents needed are all in the post already(there might be changes, it is best to check with JPN), you can check this post out too:

    As for how long it will take, you have to check with JPN and all related departments stated in the post. All the best to you.

  5. Hi,
    I plan to marry with a girl Indonesia & im Malaysian Chinese
    Some Enquiry:
    1)”Single status certificate” can get i from my current working company HR department ? Coz my malay’s friend married, “surat bujang” get at their HD dptmt.

    2)What steps i need todo 1st? 1st go to Indonesia embassy at KL to get approval letter then go to jabatan perkahwinan in my stage”Perak” to register? or need go to KL at the Jabatan perkahwinan Negara? All the marriage registration task can done in state of “Perak” ?
    Can i know the address?

    Really hope your can give me some help above.Thankyou.

  6. 1. HR? I never heard of that. As I know you can only get it at your local JPN. Malay will have different procedure.

    2. If you are marrying a foreigner, you are most likely have to do everything in Putra Jaya. You can go to any JPN in Perak for more information and they will give you all the things you need to do. You can get the address here:
    However, they might change some of the contacts already. It is best to ask those in your hometown to the nearest location of JPN, I’m sure they will know. Since you are from Perak, you should know where is the nearest JPN in your place.

    It doesn’t matter where or how you are getting married, all the information you need are available in JPN, they will be happy to give you all the details you required. Besides, before you do anything, JPN is always the first stop to get everything done.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I need your help. My question like Winnie.
    I am male Malaysian citizen. If the person that i want to marry is a girl of Vietnam citizen, where she under contract to work in Malaysia for about 3 years already. She is cancel her work permit on 15Dec 2008 and she already go back Vietnam, can she come back Malaysia on 16 Feb 2009 and we marry here?
    If she by plane from Vietnam to Singapore and then come Malaysia need do a Visa(Singapore Visa, Malaysia Visa) or not?
    Hope can reply soon. Thanks!

  8. I am foriegner ready to marry malaysian cit.

    Once application is made how far in advance can we book the actual date of registration – can we book it 6 months in the future?

    Also – the single status certificate I have is now dated 1 month old – is this ok?

    Cheers ad thanks for help

  9. CK, yes she can, so long she got all the necessary documents from her country and then you also got yours ready. Do head over to JPN to get all the needed details as I can’t give you any answer because I don’t work there. However, getting married next month won’t be possible as you need time for the application process and arrange appointment for registration. Your future wife is forever a foreigner in Malaysia therefore she has to go tru’ what every tourist coming to Malaysia need to go tru’. She won’t get any special treatments even if she marries you. All the immigration law has to be followed. Therefore, you have to head over to JPN near your place and immigration department to get all the necessary information.

    Si, you have to wait for approval of the application first then you can make appointment for the registration. Usually once you make your application, they will let you know when it will be approve and so on and what you do in the next step. I assume you haven’t make it that’s why you got no answer for it. As for the single status certificate, I’m not so sure, if that is what you use for the application and it’s accpetable then it should be OK. Anyway, if they need a new one, you can always get it at the same place where you apply, it’s all available in the same place, under one roof. However, if you are a foreigner, that I’m not so sure as there might be different law applied. So the best way is drop by JPN and get everything clarified will save you all the troubles. As I don’t work there and I only know what I share in the above article, I won’t be say much also. That’s all the knowledge I have.

    All the best to both of you and just go straight away to JPN to get things clarified will save you all the time and headache of thinking too much. Congrates for finding your love.

  10. Hi, I just wanted to know how to get the single status certificate for my american fiance? Can we get it from the American embassy? Thanks!

  11. It’s me again? If the process is too long (our wedding date is set on the 18th April), can we get married in the American embassy in Bangkok and declare our marriage in Malaysia? How long will that take? Thanks!

  12. GP, congrates. If not American embassy, where else can you get? No matter what, any foreigner getting married to Malaysia must have their single status cert even if you are to register elsewhere. Unless you want to fly back there to get it. I don’t think it will take too long, how fast or slow will be up to the embassy.

    As for the getting married in American embassy in Bangkok and declare your marriage in Malaysia, all you need to do is bring all the documents you get from the registration and submit it to JPN. I think it shouldn’t be taking long. Just one day to submit and that’s it. You are married, they can’t do anything else to say that you cannot get married. Your declaration is just to allow update in the country’s database.

  13. Normally when marrying a foreigner,how the process on doing it? can i choose the date to marry as i want? I understand getting the single letter is important. pls advise.

  14. Hi.
    i need to married thailand women, what is the pcedure and what
    document or form i need to submit. where i need to registeration. where i can download form.

  15. Edwin, I just realized I missed your comment. So sorry, Marrying a foreigner requires many things, it is best for you to go straight to JPN to get all the details as we don’t know how the law change from time to time.

    Alan, go register at JPN or you can also register in Thailand, it’s up to you. No matter where you register, you must inform both sides of the authority. This link might be helpful for you

    I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s any form to download, even if so, the form is not a valid one, it’s just for your reference, you still have to get the original from JPN. Just head over to any nearest JPN and they will tell you everything, you can find the addresses or contact here if you are in Malaysia:

    If you are not in Malaysia, do go straight to the embassy for details.

  16. Hi
    I’m a Muslim 28 and I’m a foreigner and I’m in Malaysia and I wanna marry my girl friend who christian is who is living in Malaysia.She is chines/karazan but we both do not know what to do?
    Is it any way to marry without any converting her religion.we both want to marry each other but our religion is problem.I need any way to solve this problem till we can marry the way she has a son.that son sould convert too or no?
    the son is 7 years old.
    where in Malaysia we can marry?


  17. Dear Sir/Madam

    Firstly , you have a wonderfull web page and its very helpfull.

    Im a Malaysian Planing to wed a Indonesian Female.

    She just convert to christian this month in Indonesia with still retaining her indonesian name.

    Question: Is there any problem getting married to newly converted christian from islam in malaysia ?what shall i do if there is any problem.

    She works in Malaysia at the moment with a yearly multiple work permit entry.

    question: Can she marry me while she is still working in Malaysia?as her permit is until mid theis i want to extend her permit for another year.

    What shall i do?

    Thank you


    Mark K

  18. hi!! im malaysian girl (21) and want to marry a myanmar foreigner.

    can i know how to register if i wish to marry a myanmar foreigner with working permit?

    is it just like the procedures from above?

  19. can i also ask whether will my future husband will be a malaysian citizen?

    if no..then how can he be a malaysian citizen?

  20. Hans, all I know is that if you are a Malaysian Muslim, she will have to convert no matter what but otherwise, I’m not sure. There’s a way without getting her to convert is to get married overseas but not reporting it back to Malaysia which this is illegal(if I’m not mistaken) and in case if something happen in the marriage, your wife will have problem with claiming you as her husband and she will be at the losing end.

    Mark K, I think it should be a problem for the religion part since she’s not a Malaysian. As for the work permit thing, if I’m not mistaken, those with work permit cannot get married. This you have to check with the immigration department as their might be some exclusion.

    chamcham, a foreigner with working permit cannot marry a local girl(that’s what I heard, not sure how true is this, do check with immigration department). As I had always said, a foreigner will forever be a foreigner in Malaysia even if he/she marries a Malaysian. If he wants to be a Malaysian citizen/PR, it will depends on what he work as, if he is a professional that Malaysia needs, he will get it easily. Other than that, there is no way at all.

  21. Thanks for the info.
    Does that’s mean i cannot marry him in malaysia only?
    What if we marry outside malaysia? is it possible?
    By the way im muslim.

  22. chamcham, if you marry outside of Malaysia, you can but you still have to report back to Malaysia. Since you are a Muslim, maybe the law will be slightly different, he will have to convert first before he marries you. Since you’re a Muslim, you can go to JAIS to get more information as I’m not sure on the about the Syariah Law and the marriage related law is different also.

  23. ok. thanks, so much for the info ya.

  24. chamcham, all the best to you :)

  25. Hi,

    Kindly may i know is it true that foreigner have to stay in malaysia min 7 days before allow to get register with malaysian ?
    it was so hard to get through gov. depart. line.

  26. Hi Kelly, if I’m not mistaken that’s what I heard also.

  27. I wish to marry a Myanmar Lady. I did my research and found 2 obstacles:

    1. The Myanmar govt disallows Burmese girls marrying to foreigners. In this case the Myanmar Embassy in KL will not issue Single Certificate. There is no other way to get Single Cert for my girl in Myanmar. What can I do?

    2. If my girl is on work permit, I understand I also cannot marry. But if she cancels it, goes back to Myanmar for 1 month and return on social visit pass later, can I register her for marriage with JPN (if #1 is resolved)?


  28. Alex,

    1. First time heard of it but I’m sure there are many Malaysians marrying Myanmar ladies. The best way is to go straight to JPN and get them to advise you.

    2. If #1 resolved, it should be possible but still she will have to report back to her country on the marriage else it’s not legal. Again, sorry, can’t help much, the best way is go straight to JPN and they will tell you everything.

  29. Thanks for your advice admin. This is due to the recent internal ‘unwritten’ laws of Myanmar. Did a lot of research on this but still cannot shed a light.

    This happens when General Khin Nyunt became the PM. Heard previously the Malaysian Embassy in Yangon started issuing ‘Single Certification’ for Burmese girls but later due to the Myanmar military govt opposing it, they stopped it.

    If you have any idea of recent marriages of Burmese/Malaysian couples, please let me know how they do it… Thanks.

  30. Alex, I see… It’s “new” law. I think it is best to go straight to the relevant department for help.

  31. Hi,

    I read your reply on Mark K’s comment, is an Indonesian who converted to Christian and was a Muslim before will get into trouble in Malaysia?

    I’m an Indonesian and recently converted to christian cause i plan to marry a Malaysian.

    Are we gonna have any trouble if we want to get married in Malaysia?

    Your reply will be very helpful, thanks.


  32. M, I don’t think there will be any problem. So long that your country allow it and are already not a Muslim when u want to married your fiance, the Malaysian gov won’t have the power to force u to go tru’ any Muslim related procedure. You just have to make sure you are no longer a Muslim in your country database else you will get into trouble.

  33. Hello there,

    I wish to marry a Indonesian girl. But there require a lot of document stuff to be done. just a question i been confuse right here.

    Recently i heard a lot of people said that you can hire a certain agent related field to done it for us. Is that illegal or not possible at all? Please advice. thanks.

  34. jeff, I’m not sure but even with the agent, you still have to show your face and everything to the related department when needed. The agent is only helping you go around take forms, get details, help you submit some needed documents and so on. At the end of the day, you still have to show up, sign this, sign that and so on. Agent only help you in case you have tight schedule, just like your office boy.

    Anyway, if there are, ask them what they do, their scope of jobs and so on and find trusted one. You might ended with those lousy ones that only take your money and doesn’t do much thing for you.

  35. Thanks for the reply admin.

    Another question here is do you know anything about religion problem may occur.

    Example like my girlfriend is a Muslim at Indonesia and i will get marry with her at Indonesia with my status at there will be change to Muslim too. But after that when i come back to Malaysia we decide that she will be change to Cristian and get marry here both our religion status will be Cristian. is there is any problem with that or is not illegal? Thanks.

  36. jeff, MAJOR problem.

    There is no way you can convert back in Malaysia. If Indonesia is having such law whereby you must convert if you marry a Muslim, then you have to.

    Once you’re a Muslim, don’t even think about converting to another religion in Malaysia but I’m not sure about Indonesia whether they will allow it or not but since with what you had mentioned, I don’t think you can do so.

    There is no way you can marry at both places, you can only get married at one place and report back to your home country with all your documents. There is no way you can cheat the system as the Malaysia side will check with Indonesia side to see whether is she married or not and they will check you too.

    Unless she can convert to Christian before marrying you if Indonesia does allow such conversion. If she is allow to do so, then convert first else you will be in big trouble.

    Basically, once you are a Muslim in Malaysia, you won’t be able to convert to any other religion as you like without going tru’ EXTREMELY LOTS of troubles.

  37. Hi Alex,

    I have the same situation with you. I would like to know how’s your current situation? DOes your girl gets her ‘Single Certification’?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  38. hello
    i have read your usfull information about how to get marry in malaysia (kl) can you pls tell me more how to make an appointment to get marry and where,where is teh registriaction office, because i’m in uk at the moment and i’m thinkig to go malaysia in 2 months time to marry my girlfriend over there, she don’t know where to go as well, thats why i e-mail see if anyone can help, i only have 2 weeks in malaysia because of work, will it be enough time to marry her? if you can e-mail me back with some usfull information so me or my girlfriend can book a date which we can get marry in kl, thank you very much

  39. ming, in fact it’s very simple, why make life so difficult? Go straight to the nearest JPN, no idea where? Ask around those in KL, friends or family or relatives, I’m sure they will know where is the nearest JPN in KL.

    Go there, take the forms and take the chance to ask all the questions in mind. However, 2 weeks is not quite possible to get everything done, as there is a 21-day time span to get the document processed and when doing the submission and appointment, both have to go together.

    For more details, ask you gf to go to the nearest JPN in KL and then ask all the questions. Make sure both of you are from KL. If not, one of you have to change or both of you have to change ur IC’s address to KL address. All the best.

  40. Hi, I am malaysian chinese lady. Me and my boyfriend planning to get marry next year. He is japanese guy.He is gold card holder (expatriate post) and working in malaysia for 5 years. I would like to know the procedure need to be done. Thanks

  41. hello,

    i wish to marry a Myanmar Guys. But the problem is he doesn’t get the ‘Single Status ‘ approvement form myanmar. please advise.

  42. nini, the procedure is similar to any other foreigner marrying Malaysian even though your bf works here. There are many requirements to fulfill and many things to do and prepare. It’s best to go to the nearest JPN and get all the details.

    nelly, sorry, have no idea how to help in this. It’s best for you to go to your nearest JPN to ask coz I heard that the government of Myanmar is not giving out such cert to their citizen marrying foreigner but still people have ways to get but I don’t know how.

  43. hi.. im indonesian lady, i wish to marry filipino guy and we both currently working in malaysia. is that true, if i get married to him, i have to follow him to be a filipina? what if i dont want to give up my indonesian citizenship?
    i hope u can give me your answer. thanks.

  44. indonesian girl, I’m sorry but I can’t help in this. It’s better for you to ask those in the Philippines. In normal circumstances, there is no rule saying that the wife must take up citizenship of her husband’s country, the most is that you get a PR or special visa. Of course, become the citizen there is another option but it’s not a must.

  45. Hi, I’m Indonesian girl and going to marry with Malaysian. I’m Christian and my bf is Buddhist. Would it be a problem if we get married in Malaysia? And I also confuse where I can get the single certificates and who will issue the single certificate. Is it right if my government office will issue the certificate and will be authenticated by Malaysian embassy in Jakarta? Or I can make a statement letter by myself with supporting documents that show my single status (for example: my ID card) then will be authenticated by Malaysian embassy in Jakarta.

  46. Starfish, as long that you’re not a Muslim, there will be no problem. You have to get your single certificate from your country’s marriage department. From there, you can ask them whatever questions you want and they will be able to give you the answers. There is no such thing as making your own, if it’s like that, then everyone can make their own. It must be from the government.

  47. hi,
    my question is, i wanna marry a swedish. they ask me to do legal procedure in sweden. what i need to do is apply residence visa , and go to sweden and get married they. just want to know, is that i need to apply anything in here? like a submit any detail about him?

  48. jayasheela, if you plan to register in Swweden, just go ahead and register in Sweden first following whatever procedure they want you to do, then bring all the documents as proof back to Malaysia and report about your marriage at the nearest JPN or you can go to the high commissioner/embassy of Malaysia in Sweden to report about your marriage.

  49. I have just got married with japanese girl in japan with marriage certificate in japanese format. i am now looking for the right place to register in malaysia. can you tell me is the place in embassy of japan in malaysia should be a starting point for me to get japanese merriage certificate translates to english and from there how am i going to proceed?

    can my japanese wife not present in malaysia during the registration as she is now in uk?

    please revert me with the documents required and procedure of getting register and marriage certificate in malaysia.

    many thanks


  50. Jackie, I think you can go to embassy of Malaysia in Japan for it. Your wife must be with you when you want to report about your marriage.

    Sorry but I can’t help much. I’m not working for JPN nor any organization related to this. My knowledge is only limited to whatever you can find in this site.

    The documents you will need is all the documents you got when you register in Japan. Bring the translated version of all the document along with the original ones and of course your wife along to the nearest JPN in Malaysia or the Malaysia embassy in Japan to report about it.

    Do it within 6 months to avoid penalty.

    There is no need for a second registration.

  51. hi admin
    i also need your help too mcuch im vienames and i want married with myanamr man but in his country they dont issue single cerf .do you have anyidia and adivice for us .thank a lot admin i dont understand where is JPN and what is mean also .plese help me

  52. im vietnames and my bf is myanmar did we can get marries in singapore or not .mean we get married in 3 country .singapore they do that service .thanks alot for your help admin

  53. hi, im chinese malaysian, but my behalf is moroccan muslim, and we decide to get married in south korea. only come back to declare in K.L. should we declare in malaysia embassy when we get married in south korea?
    what is the document we should prepare to get married and it take how long?
    and we would like to get the pr for my behalf, in tis case, what kind of doc he need to prepare too?
    after married, after declare in k.l, is that possible he can get a job in kl?
    and what is the requirement for him to stay in malaysia too?
    i would like to know the procedure in legal way. thanks.

  54. nguyen thi thanh thao and tami, I’m sorry I can’t help since you are not Malaysian. JPN is the marriage registrar office in Malaysia. To get help, please go to your nearest marriage registrar office to get your question answered.

    stella, you can opt to declare it Malaysia Embassy in Korea then you don’t have to do it again in KL. If you are to register outside of Malaysia, then you have to follow whatever the country you register in need you to prepare. Sorry, can’t help much. As for PR, it will be a bit difficult unless he is a professional sought after by the M’sian government. As for job, he can always apply for Malaysia’s company that need his expertise, if the company hire him, then the company will do all the applications for him to work in Malaysia else it’s not going to be easy.

    Can’t really help much as I’m not expert in this field. My knowledge is only limited to whatever you see here. If you need more information, check with related government agency especially JPN or Malaysia Embassy.

  55. Hello , im chinese malaysian and my gf is chinese china , we plan to marry in malaysia , my gf 18years old , what should we do ?

  56. Royz, I think she must get approval from the government there first before and register here and since she is underage, there will be extra applications and procedures need to be done but I don’t know what. Sorry, can’t help much. The easiest way, register in China then come back to report with all the documents.

  57. She should get approval from goverment ?

  58. Royz, she might, depending on what the China government law is. In case she is considered underage for marriage then she will have to do whatever the government needs her to do else you can’t marry her.

  59. Hi,
    i have a question about the foreigner that they want to married in Malaysia…
    I am Iranian guy,and i am student here but i know my girlfriend here and she is Chinese Malaysian here but we have plan to married with each other here…but the problem is that i don’t want she change or convert and become Muslim because i am not Muslim too…
    Can you help me what we can do?
    And the other thing if my girlfriend accept that she convert does she need to change her name too or not?
    Thank sincerely for your help

  60. hi h.b, if you’re not a Muslim she doesn’t have to convert. However with your student status, I don’t think you can marry her. You also cannot marry her if on work visa. That’s all I can help. Please go to the relevant department for more information.

  61. hi, i have a same problem with h.b.I’m malaysian chinese and my bf is iranian and he is muslim.he study right here in malaysia,we are planing to marry after his PHD in end of this year.I would like to know it’s that any passible way to marry in malaysia but i do not need to convert to his religion ?or where else able to give us a legal marriage cert,even we are not the citizen there?
    i know for local muslim,i have to convert.But he is foreigner,it that need to follow it ? thank.

  62. xiao wen, I’m not sure u need to convert or not but to be on the safe side don’t register in Malaysia. Go some other place to register, go to his home country if no law said u have to convert. Then just report it back to M’sia. However, please go to the nearest JPN to ask. Sorry, not expert in this.

  63. Hi

    me and my fiance not Malaysian, we wana come next june to marry as non-muslim in Malaysia, what we can do? please advise.

  64. Hi

    still waiting your replay please…

  65. Nser Al Ali, you can arrange with the marriage department at your country before you come over. They will tell you everything that you need as different country has different requirements.

  66. Hi there,

    My boyfried is a Sudanese and we plan to marry next year. He is muslim. I dunno how to go about this. Please advise.

  67. I decided to get marriage with a Hong Kong girl who i know for 2 years time. She now already in Malaysia with 30 days of holiday visa with her Single Status Letter which ussued in Hong Kong in 8th of March. But she has been
    stay for 2 weeks time. Only have 2 weeks left for her holiday visa. I whould like to know how long does the period of registration will take ?

  68. Simon, all I can say is that, not in time for it. You need to wait for at least 21 days to get your submission processed. This is for the locals.

    Since you are marrying a foreigner, I don’t think it will be able to be done so soon. The best thing for you to do now is go to the nearest JPN, get all the necessary details and ask them the documents needed and all the questions you have in mind and arrange from there.

  69. Mia, please go to your nearest JPN to get all the information.

  70. hi admin
    i am about to get married to a chinese girl from Mainland China and she is above age and I m a Malaysian. The thing now is how do I go about getting the Certificate of single status in Sarawak? Currently I m overseas. can I ask someone in Kuching to get on my behalf. Ur help very much appreciated.

  71. im a malaysian if i want to marry a philppine what i have have to, n how long it will take.what ducuments does she needs.
    if im 20ys old bt comeing oct 5 im 21ys old alrdy, bt i still can register or not with filpenos.?

  72. David, you have to get your certificate on your own, no one can get it for you. You might be able to get it from the Embassy or High Commissioner of Malaysia overseas.

    yugaiswaran, first of all, you have to be above 21 means apply and register after your birthday, else you will need your parents and special arrangement to be made. As for your girl, single certificate from her country is a must, that’s all I know. Please go to JPN for details. I can’t help much because I’m just an average person like you and not related to any organization or department that deal with such thing. The needed documents are stated in the post. There might be some changes to it so please check with JPN about it. All the best.

  73. Hi,

    I am a Pakistani. I met a girl on net, she is a Hong Kong national. We are looking to marry in Hong Kong. I can arrange a visit visa. As per my state rules i can bring her to my homeland and she can get my homeland passport easily. Question is, can i get Hong Kong residence pass or any other long terms visa if we intend to stay in Hong Kong because visit visa only lasts for 3 months. We are from same logistics profession.

    Need your help to check documents required from her and me to get married in Hong Kong.

    Looking fwd to hear fm u

  74. Hi Saqib, sorry, can’t help because you are asking about HK not Malaysia.

  75. is it true that when marry a malaysia…you will be given five years resident permit..that is a new law by malaysian government

  76. Hello

    I need help to understand malay law regarding weeding.
    My best friend is married to a malay guy. The weeding was in thailand then register in malaysia. Its a non islamic weeding. They just open a business together but he is a acting badly with her. She dont know if what belong to her belong to him also ? Since she was using her money to equip the business she is afraid to loose everything :( What say the malay law regarding to possession of the spouse ?


  77. Charles, not sure, never heard of it. Please check with the relevant authority.

    Stephany, I’m sorry, I have no idea how the Syariah law is. How is it possible she is not a Muslim when she married a Muslim and even register in Malaysia? It’s not possible, However, if she is converted to be a Muslim and wants to protect herself, do go report to the Syariah court about the husband being bad to her and the court will help her because I don’t think there is such thing as who owns the properties, it will depends on the situation and of course who has the name in the business. If she’s not converted, the marriage isn’t even legal.

  78. hi..i’m muslim malay bf is a tunisian..we want to get married. but he must get the permssion from the embassy and immigration..the major problem is, there is no Tunisia’s embassy at can he apply the certification??we want to get marry legally

  79. please help me..i went to the islamic marriage department, they ask my bf to get the permission from Tunisia embassy first..we dont have any idea..its unacceptable if he must fly back to his country juz to get the permission…i’m sure many malay gurls married to Tunisian here, but dont know the marrieage is illegal or not…i really want to have a respectfull and legall marriage with only him

  80. hi sir

    i am foreigner student i want to married Malaysian Chinese Buddhist girl can i married her?if i bring her in my country married and register then we coming her where to go summit our registration agent?if i married that girl haw can be i live in Malaysia by visa or other tape???pls sir ans me???

  81. nan, if there is no embassy here, then the last resort is to go back to the country else you go there too and register your marriage there and report back to M’sia authority.

    karan sing, you have to check what are the document that your country required before you bring her to marry there. You can live in Malaysia with certain visa that you have to go renew it from time to time but you won’t be getting the PR or be a resident here unless you are some sought after professional. Once you done the registration in your country, just bring all the documents that you get from the registration and report back to the nearest JPN.

  82. i from perak. i want to married a japanese girl soon. we now was in love. the problem is i was a muslim and she was a christian. how can i make to do the wedding registration?

  83. hi there
    i am a malaysian. my guy is from india. i would like get some info from u how many days does my guy have to stay in malaysia before submitting the application and what are the documents he needs to bring from india for the application. also please tell me where are the other offices we can perform the wedding registration besides putrajaya. can the witness be a foreigner or they also have to be malaysian? i really need ur advice.

  84. help needed, i plan to marry vietnam gf which husband death , now single, what is the procedure needed. also we plan to marry outside state, i know need go to putrajaya for stamp, and declare wedding at perak. do i need the death cert. even the single status cert mention “husband death, now single status”. appreciate your help

  85. takagi, you can’t have your marriage legalised if she is not converting, even you register outside of Malaysia, you will still have to report back to Malaysia and she will have to be converted no matter what, no escape. If you don’t want to report it back, your marriage will never be legal and not recognize by the government here.

    Bavani, if not mistaken 7 weeks to be in Malaysia but not so sure. Best is go to the nearest JPN since you need to get your form and documents ready. I think for foreigner, can only do it in Putrajaya, that’s the fastest, if do it at your hometown it might take quite awhile. Again, please go to your nearest JPN as everything you need to know is there.

    Steven, not so sure but there is no harm bringing the death cert along.

  86. Hi, I’m Indonesian going to marry Malaysian in Malaysia. We both non muslim. I already prepared all the documents needed in Indonesia, including the ‘Single Status Certificate’ in Indonesian language. Can we direct submit the documents to JPN?
    Or need to be verified by the Indonesian embassy/consulat first? Thanks.

  87. Hi, i am a chinese girl and am planning to get married with a guy from VN, previously we was working here under 4 years contract, and then he went back to vn for almost 1.5 years, and now he is coming back to MY for another 2-3 years contrat.
    If we get married then, can he get his PR status here? What is the process like for a foreigner to get a PR status here? Appreciate your advice…. thanks!

  88. sorry…. typo here… it was *he was working here under 4 years…….*
    appreciate someone can advice as we are planning to get married in 2 years time…

  89. hi im malaysian a christians girl and planning to marry with myanmar guy.he is buddish but he like to convert to muslim same to me.the problem is he cant get his single cert and we dont know how to get married or register.

  90. Hi, I am an American who recently married a Chinese Malaysian woman in the United States, but we live in Beijing, China. We plan to report our marriage to her embassy soon, but although I am not a Muslim, my father is. My concern is that that the Malaysian officials at the embassy might have a problem when they see my name. As the US doesn’t keep any record of citizens’ official religion, do you think there is anything to worry about? Is my word enough? Neither I nor my wife want her to convert. Thanks for your time.

  91. Hi..
    I would like to know what is terms and condition to married Malaysian chinese woman??
    Because i’m planning to married in Malaysia.
    Any information about process and visa or everything can help with this problem.

  92. Hi, i am pakistani muslim 29 years old. i have been here in malaysia from last six month on Study Visa. now i want to marry with my Malaysian local girl friend. Please guide me, is it possible to get marry with her? on what condition? what documents required? and after how many time i will able to get PR.

  93. Hi there,

    I am planning to get married to my foreign girlfriend. I am a Malaysian age 24, and she is a Laotian age 23.
    Currently she is staying with me in Malaysia on social visa pass.
    How do we get married, and is there any way for her to be here legally? Legal as in I don’t have to take her to renew her social visa every month? Or can she obtain citizenship or residenship? Can this be legally done? Please advice. Thanks

  94. hi,, my name is vijay joshua n im want to marry a indian gal whom she born in muslim religon . she now had convert into christian in india. can i legally married her here. is will be any problem n i knw that muslim religion in malaysia is nt allowed to change their religion bt is it for foreigners too…. pls reply me soon..

  95. admin,
    im malaysian,26 years old.i planned to do register marriage on 4th feb lover is a foreigner (indian)…can i do register marriage in temple? plz advise..tq

  96. i need do i obtain my single status declaration letter? i am a Malaysian Muslim woman. where can i get it in what is the procedures? where can i ask for the letter n get it certified?

  97. Hi, I’m Indonesian and my bf is Malaysian.
    We r planning to get married.
    What requirement that we need to provide?
    If I have a kid after married, what nationality that the kid will have later?
    Because I heard that if Malaysian married with foreigner, later on when they have kid, the Malaysian government won’t give the kid Malaysian citizen.
    Is it true?
    Because I want to keep my nationality and my bf also wants to keep his nationality.But we don’t want our kid later don’t have any nationality.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

  98. Hi,

    I am Malaysian lady who is going to marry to Iranian. We plan to register our marriage in US as I do not want to convert (if register in Malaysia, I have to convert). May I know, what is the consequences/negative impact I may face if I do not register in Malaysia? Or will it affect my children future? We plan to stay in Malaysia.

    Appreciate your advise.

  99. hi,,i am a malaysian girl and me and my boyfriend is planning on getting married,,he is palestinian who permenantly live in saudi arabia and he is studying here in lim kok wing university,,,
    is it allowed for him?? cuz he is a student,,,what should we do??

    and his visa is expired and he is over stay for montrhs…
    he is still waiting for the process from his uni…

    please do help me

  100. Hi, im a Malaysian. My bf is from india. We are planning to get marry here. im residing at Selangor.Can you suggest me where are the other places that i can do our registration other than Putrajaya. Meanwhile. my bf’s frend advice him to apply for spousal visa so that it will be easy for him to work. pls advice us about that.thanks alot..

  101. Hi Morning, I think you might need to get it verified, no harm getting it verified also.

  102. Alynne, you both want to be Muslims? If that’s the case, I have totally no clue how to do it. You will have to go to the Jabatan Agama Islam near your place to ask. They will surely be very happy to know that the non-Muslims want to be a Muslims and will support you all the way to make sure you are converted and married legally.

  103. HI JL, sorry, he won’t be getting any PR or citizenship unless he is a professional the government is looking for. He will be just like any other foreigner that have to renew their visa from time to time even if he is working here.

  104. American, I think there shouldn’t be any problem for you because you’re not a Malaysian. Only if you’re a Malaysian Muslim then you are affected by it. :)

  105. Andy, I have no idea where you are from. It’s easier to marry a Chinese woman here. As for the procedures or anything, I can’t give you any because I have no idea and I am not related to any organization related to this. Whatever I shared are based on stories or experiences I heard from friends and family.

  106. Asif, you can’t because you are meant to study here not to get married and no PR for you also unless you are a professional that the government wants to hire. You can always apply for it but it’s not easy to get. There are many that applied for many times, waited for 10, 20 years, also never get. It’s just luck. If you want to marry her, you will have wait till your visa expires, go back to your country and arrange your marriage from there and apply for visa related to it. I have no idea what document you need as I’m not related to any organization related to this. Whatever I shared are based on stories or experiences I heard from friends and family. Please ask you soon-to-be wife to go to the marriage department to get the list of what you people will need and for more information.

  107. Andrew, even if she marries you, she still have to get her social visa renew, no difference. To get PR or citizenship, it’s not guaranteed. You have to apply, getting married is not the passport to get PR or citizenship. Then, you have to see your luck if the application approve or not which usually can take years! Some ppl kept on applying for 10, 20 years also never get. One word, luck.

    Unless she is a professional the government wants.

  108. Vijay, she is Malaysian Muslim and she cannot escape from it. It’s not recognize in Malaysia. She is still a Muslim. If you want to marry her, you have to convert no matter what to ensure that the marriage is legal, else, it’s illegal.

  109. ushavinod, usually if it involve foreigner, you have to register in Putrajaya. As for temple part, you can always arrange for it but this is not the registration but just blessing ceremony or custom wedding which the is not taken into consideration by the government. All they care is the paper you get from JPN to shows that you are legally married.

  110. Katze, since u’re a Muslim, I don’t think you get it from JPN, not so sure. For non-Muslim, it’s from JPN. You might want to ask you friends and family who are Muslim about it.

  111. Mei,

    First, must apply to register at JPN first. You can also do it in Indonesia and then after register in Indonesia, report back to Malaysia within 6 months. Just bring all the documents as proof.

    The kid will follow the father’s nationality. In Malaysia, the children follow whatever the citizenship the father is. So no worries about that. Best to give birth in Malaysia to save the extra procedures and messed up later. If you plan to let them be Indonesian, then just give birth in Indonesia and declare the children as Indonesians.

  112. WW, I don’t think you need to convert if your man is not Malaysian Muslim. If you don’t want to report back to Malaysia, your marriage will not be recognized. In case something happen to you, your husband and children have no rights over you and vice versa. In case the marriage didn’t work out, you will be at the losing end of losing everything including your children because you don’t have the government in Malaysia to back you up with the privilege a wife has in the law. Worst, if you plan to stay in Malaysia, you will be considered as single lady and you will have no rights to anything which related to marriage or children related.

  113. Izzati, he can’t, he is here to study not get married. He has to wait for his visa to expire, go back home and reapply for social visit visa. Since now he is over staying, he is in serious trouble. If get caught, he is forever blacklisted by Malaysia and cannot come to Malaysia for the rest of his life. Worst still, marrying a Malaysian girl when he is supposed to come her to study only and overstaying. It’s against the law.

  114. Devi, best to do it in Putrajaya to save all the hassle. I’m not sure about the spousal visa, sorry, you have to go to JPN and immigration office to get more information. All I know, foreigners will be using social visit visa and have to get it renew from time to time even for those married ones. However, it will depend on the country of origin I think. Not very sure, sorry.

  115. What are the Auspicious Dates for Wedding in April 2011

  116. Going to post it up soon. :)

  117. Hi, I am Malaysian Chinese and is planning to married a Portugal man in Portugese.Can anyone tell me what are the documents and procedure for me to get prepare to go to Portugal to get married? I really have no idea hows its going to be and will be appreciate if anyone of you can give me some tips,ideas,advices,solution….thanks a lot.

  118. Hi shiyoku, you have to know what the the Portugal side there need. Based on what they need from you, you can prepare the documents which usually you can obtain from your nearest JPN. After registered in Portugal, make sure you report about your marriage with all the documents you got there by going to your nearest JPN in Malaysia or embassy/high comm in Portugal within 6 month to avoid penalty.

  119. i’m 25 years old malaysian girl i have plan to marry an indian punjabi guy 27 years old from india who is now working in malaysian with working permit here already 3 years but his original passport and work permit is with his boss he is under contract worker permit i really need your advise so much please help me .please and after marriage i have to plan to go and work in singapore pls advise me its very urgent pls.How is the procedure

  120. Nilu, sorry, I don’t think I can help you much or know anything about the procedure, please go to your nearest JPN for it but as far as I know, people with working permit cannot marry the local lady. There’s exception though, then again please check with JPN.

  121. HI …
    M indonesian, n have a bf he’s pakistani, but both of us have plan will meet in malaysia n will be marry there in malaysia, could we ? if yes then wht the procedure coz both of us the foreigner tht will going marry in malaysia

  122. hello there.. my name iskandar.
    im 24 years old malaysia citizen stay at kuala lumpur, and i have plan to married a girl from szczecin, poland.
    she was 28 years old, and both of us never been married. i plan to married here at malaysia. so, first of all, she never been here at malaysia. secondly what do we need beside the thing that was stated on top of this page.. mind help me with the info. thank you.

  123. hello,
    i’m 26 years old malaysian girl who recently got engaged with 38 years old algerian man
    and i want him to be a malaysian soon.we plan to get married soon.can i know how long he had to stay in Malaysia to get permanent citizenship?.can he apply dual citizenship?.sorry for my english.

  124. Olivia, yes you can but you must go to your country’s own marriage registration department to get details on it as different country will have different requirements for their citizens before they can get married overseas and at the same time you can ask them the procedure.

  125. Iskandar, one thing for sure, she must come to Malaysia if you want marry her here. However, since you’re a Muslim, the requirements and procedures will be different from the non-Muslim. Best to ask the people in the mosque.

  126. izza, I don’t think he can be a Malaysian even by marrying you. There is no such thing as dual citizenship in Malaysia, he must let go of the other one if he wants to be Malaysian. The process to get PR or citizenship will vary depending each individual and even the time frame, it’s not easy to get a Malaysian citizenship or PR for foreigner unless he is a professional sought after by the country. If your’re a Muslim, the procedure will also be different too. So it’s best to go to the immigration department for details.

  127. Hi. My name is Alicia. I am a Malaysian Chinese. I am having a foreigner boyfriend. He is a Muslim. I want to ask if we get married in Malaysia, will our marriage be recognized? How can he get Malaysian citizen? Do I need to convert to Islam even though he is not a Malaysian? Or I have to convert to Islam after he has become a Malaysian citizen?
    PS: I hope I can keep my religion as I am not prepared for this.
    TQ for clarifying my doubts and questions.

  128. Another thing is, if we get married in another country, (be it in his country or other country) it a must for me to let go my Malaysian citizenship? Can I regain my Malaysian citizenship if one day we decided to live permanently in Malaysia? (maybe after 3 or 4 years of marriage, I don’t know)…TQ again.

  129. good pm i am a malaysian chinese from sibu sarawak i want to married to my filipina gf i see the requirment but i want to know where immigration we go here in sibu or in kl thanx pls respond to my question

  130. warren, go to Sibu one if you’re in Sibu and they can advise you what to do. Just go to whichever is nearer to you first.

  131. Alicia, your boyfriend won’t be getting any citizenship, not even PR, he’s just a foreigner. Of course your marriage will be recognized if you are properly married here by following all the procedure, why not? I dont think you need to convert since he is not Malaysian. However, if he manage to be the citizen here, you might need to convert(not sure about this). If you guys married overseas, you don’t have to let go of the citizenship if you got the PR in his country or in other country if he has the PR in other country unless you don’t want to be a Malaysian anymore and you got the citizenship in other country then you have to let go of your Malaysian citizenship because each Malaysian can only hold one citizenship but multiple PRs. Once you let go, you want to get it back is very, very, very, very difficult as you are now a foreigner and for a foreigner to get a PR or citizenship here is not easy unlike other country. There is no reason at all to let go of your citizenship, you can be the PR in other country, your husband will be your sponsor but of course you can have the choice to be the citizen there if you decided that Malaysia is no longer where you want to be. Good luck!

  132. good afternoon,
    me and my girlfriend are planning to come to malaysia.
    so my question is it possible to get married in malasia however do are tourests.

    note:both of us are muslims

  133. if yes, where we can go?
    thank you

  134. hi,
    i am a malaysian chinese and my boyfriend is an indonesian muslim. if i want to marry him here, must i convert since he is not a malaysian muslim?

  135. Dear Sir..,
    I am myanmar girl living in UAE.My bf is Vietnames . We are going to married soon but i cant find any solution to get the single certificate from Myanmar. I cant have married certificate in myanmar as well.I dont know what to do? When we asked for married certificate in Vietnam embassy they need only single certificate. the things is i cant have it in my country. i dont know what to do.if u have any idea please help us.

  136. hi,

    I’m Gina. I’m a Muslim and Malaysian. My boyfriend is a foreigner from India. He’s Hindu. We are planning to get married but really lost with the procedures. My brother married a foreigner too recently. Do we have to follow the same procedures? He’s a doctor, he was offered PR 3 years ago but he declined the offer since there were some domestic problems. Can he apply for PR again if we are planning to stay in Malaysia someday?

    Thank You.

  137. Hi,

    I’m about to marry a great guy. We knew each other since 2009 but we’re having a serious relationship this year (2011). He proposed me and we are about to get married. The problem is he is a Muslim foreigner and i am a Christian. To my understanding after i read some of the questions and answers here, i need to convert to Islam which it is not a big problem for both of us. Every time when we decide to go to the marriage registration, there always a problem occurs. He’s working in Malaysia using a social pass in which the company supposed to do the working visa in Malaysia. Instead of doing the visa, the Malaysian Protocol Department asked him to go back to his country and apply for the working visa in the Malaysia Embassy in his country. We delayed our marriage because of this matter. It’s been more than 1 month we are waiting for his working visa and there is still no update.
    I am trying my very best here in Malaysia to ask about his working visa and he is trying his best too in his country. The point is both of us is so sad and worried about out marriage. All of the planning has been frozen and people keep on asking me about the wedding date.
    Any how, both of us agreed to get married this October 2011. We keep on thinking positively and both of us still trying our best for his working visa in Malaysia.
    We know and learn a lot in this hard procedures.

    Can we get married with his social pass on October 2011? And what kind of circumstances that we might face again after we get married?

    Thank you for your kindness to read this. I really appreciate it.

  138. Hi,

    Is it hard for my husband to be to get a visa in Malaysia after both of us getting married?

    Please reply as i need a confirmation on this..

    Thank you

  139. Hi admin, I’m Malaysian Christian girl and my bf is an Iranian Shia Muslim, can we get married without converting to Muslim? I’ve heard that iranian Muslim is different since there’s Sunni and Shia. Thanks alot with ur help

  140. salem, you must arrange it from your home country and they will guide you to how to get married overseas.

  141. val, I don’t think you will need to convert since he’s is not Malaysian but then again, I am no expert in this field, and knowledge is limited. Please refer to your nearest JPN.

  142. morningcafe29, sorry but can’t help much since you both are not Malaysian. You will have to work out with your country related department.

  143. Yvonne J, since you’ve went tru’ all the procedures, so that is it, nothing much I can say but it’s now in the hand of the authority. Another way will be, marry him in his country then report back to Malaysia, much easier since there’s so many red tapes here. No matter what, if he marries you here, he still have to report back to his country. Many couples actually get married overseas and report back to JPN here, they save lots of troubles.

  144. Yvonne Jeffrey, social visit visa shouldn’t be a problem. So have to always get it renewed.

  145. Sam, you might not need to convert unless his country requires you to do so. Please check with JPN for confirmation.

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