Marry A Foreigner In Malaysia (Divorcee)

Marry A Foreigner in Malaysia (Divorcee)

If you are a foreigner that want to marry your partner who is a Malaysian, one or both of you are divorced, here’s what you need to do:

Submission for Application
Both the bridegroom-to-be and the bride-to-be must be present in person with the following documents :

  • Original and photocopy of identity card (Malaysia citizenship holder)
  • Original and photocopy of birth certificates (Malaysia citizenship holder)
  • Original and photocopy of the decree absolute of divorce letter issued by the High Court (if the Malaysia citizenship holder is a divorcee).
  • Original and photocopy of single status (never been married before) certificate which has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia or English Language by a certificated translator and authenticated by Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in the issuing country or Embassy/High Commission/Consulate of the issuing country in Malaysia.
    Original and photocopy of the decree absolute of divorce letter which has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia or English Language by a certificated translator and authenticated by Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in the issuing country or Embassy/High Commission/Consulate of the issuing country in Malaysia.
  • Original and photocopy of passport of the foreigner.
  • Two (2) passport-size (5.0cm x 3.5cm) coloured photographs each.
  • A photocopy of the respective identity cards of two witnesses. The witnesses must be a Malaysian Citizen and above 21 years old. The witnesses do not required to be presented during the submission.

Appointment date of registration may be fixed during the submission of application.

On the day of registration of marriage
Both the bridegroom-to-be and the bride-to-be must be present in person together with their two witnesses. The documents required to bring along and guidelines are:

  • Original identity cards of the two witnesses.
  • Original identity card and birth certificate of the Malaysian citizenship holder (bridegroom-to-be or bride-to-be).
  • Original passport of the foreigner.
  • Original death certificate of spouse who has passed away and marriage certificate or birth certificate of children from previous marriage (if the Malaysia citizenship holder is a widow/widower).
  • The bridegroom-to-be and their male witness(s) must be neatly dressed (long sleeves shirts with tie or our national costume – batik). While the bride-to-be and their female witness(s) must also be neatly dressed. T-shirt, jeans, short pants and slippers are not allowed.
  • Children are not allowed to attend the registration. This is to avoid them causing disturbances during the registration.
  • Photograph taking is allowed, however, the photographer shall not be the bridegroom-to-be, bride-to-be or any of the two witnesses.
  • The registration of marriage may not be carried out if the couple do not follow the above guidelines.

This is to serve as a reference only, the law might change, do check with Jabatan Perkahwinan Negara to confirm and finalise.


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  1. How long the validity for single status certificate? is 2005 still valid?
    if i am a bankrutcy, do i have a rigth to married again?

  2. I’m not sure about the validity though but if you are divorced, you won’t need it, you only need to present your original and photocopy of the decree absolute of divorce letter issued by the High Court. I don’t think your bankruptcy will have effect on you getting married.

  3. hi…im a malay, born in sabah. I have been with my gf for many years now…but shes a British…i lived in england for 10 years…i knew her when i was there…we plan to get married in malaysia..whats the procedures like?

    thank you


  4. Hello Abu,

    Hmm… Since you’re a Muslim, you have to follow the Syariah laws to get your marriage solemnized. You girlfriend will need to be converted as well since you’re a Malaysian. I’m sorry that I can’t help much in this as it’s regarding the Syariah which I’m not very sure about, basically it’s all done under the Syariah laws. The procedures and everything are different from other races/religions.

    It is best for you to contact the Islamic institution. Here’s the contact if you need, I hope this is the correct site: or Garis Panduan Perkahwinan untuk Pasangan Beragama Islam

  5. hi my name is abdi… a kenyan student here in malaysia and am willing to tie the knot with my gf who is in England. she wants to come here marry me……but i would like to enquire how can we legalize our marriage so that it could help us in visa application… other words how can ii get certificate of marriage here in malaysia…… gf is a muslim too? thanks looking forward to your quick response

  6. abdi, wow… This is very complicated. Please check with JPN or the ambassador for details.

  7. Hi there!

    My name is cherry and i would like to know the procedure to get married in terms of documentation as we are going to get married at the french embassy coz he is french and im a malaysian. so my question is do i need to register again to the malaysian rzgistrar after the marriage done at the french embassy?

  8. You have to get all the required documents from Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate. You have to return to Malaysia within 6 months of your wedding in France to report about it.

  9. my brother planning to get married with his girl friend from China. They are going to get married in KL. how can I check whether she is a divorcee or already got married in China?

  10. Is there a way for me to do on line checking on submission list (name list of those who wish to register)?

  11. Sam, I don’t think you can check this thing online. To check this, you might have to go the appropriate department in China for it or the Consulate of China but information like this won’t be given to anyone without permission as it’s considered a confidential personal information of someone else. I guess the only way is for your bro to find out on his own from his girl friend or hire an private investigator.

    All the best.

  12. On the SIngle Status Certificate,I am Malaysian, Let say i want to register my marriage in Thailand through a Malaysia Embassy there, izzit can be done? what is the procedure? instead of register here in JPN because i understand my spouse need a Single Status Certificate from her respective country in order our marriage to be legalised. Please guide me.

  13. Hi, you still have to get your single status certificate from JPN or from the embassy. Just go to the embassy and they will tell you everything you need to know. Here’s a link for your reference but for details you must go to JPN or the embassy:

  14. im from Philippines i have a baby boy to a Chinese man here in Sarawak,the time i meet him he not yet divorce to his wife but they almost 3 years already not together the wife work in a another place we try to get marry we go to Jpn but they say my boyfriend need to apply divorce first before we can get marry,then my boyfriend apply it,last month we receive already his singleness it true that much better if we marry in Philippines than here in Malaysia?because i want my baby to become Malaysian citizen.he already 1 year old he have certificate but bukan warganegara the citizenship. please help me and give me advice on how me and my boyfriend will get marry.

  15. It doesn’t matter you want to register your marriage in Philippine or Malaysia, as long that he is legally divorced. No matter where you got married, you still have to report back to the respective country.

    For your case, you have to get your marriage registered first then claim the citizenship for your child which might require extra procedures to proves that the child belongs to him and so on which is out of the scope of what I know.

    Here’s the reply from one of the visitors hopefully it can give you a rough idea, however the below is only for those legally married before the child is born:
    “With regards to citizenship, if the father of the child is Malaysian, it doesn’t matter where you give birth. You can claim Malaysian citizenship with ease.

    The problem arises only for women with foreign spouses who give birth out of Singapore or Malaysia. For these women, they cannot claim citizenship for their children as it is stated in the constitution that citizenship for Malaysians is only passed down by the father. The only way around this is to give birth either in Singapore or Malaysia.

    If you give birth in Australia, your children are entitled to claim Australian citizenship based on their laws – each country is different – but be aware that Malaysia doesn’t allow dual citizenship.”

  16. Hi , i am jerry. I have a question . I wanna marriage a thailand woman. How s the procedure? where can i get the single certificates? Can i get it in JPN or malaysia embassy? ANy appliaciation form need to fill up? Where can i get the form? How is the charges?

  17. Hi Jerry, please go tru’ the site and all the comments, I’ve been answering the same thing over and over again. You can find them here:

  18. me and my boyfriend is forigners but we want to marry in malaysia .. so how can i marry in malaysia and we are muslim ??

  19. shifu, oh… That’s very easy. So long that you follow the laws of your country by getting all the documents needed for you to marry in Malaysia will be fine. Just head over to the related department namely the department that in charge of marriage and they will tell you everything you need to know.

  20. hi i am Malaysia Chinese and i am going to get marry with my bf who is from England. i am legal age but he is just 18 years old. im wondering is he need his parents to be his witness if we register in malaysia? can he find a malaysian who is above 21 years old to be his witness??thanks

  21. mimi, it will depend on the law in England as if he is to register here with you, he will need to get his single certificate to be able to register here in Malaysia and since he is not Malaysian, there are also many other things that he needs to fulfill. Is it best for you contact the relevant authority for advice. I can’t help much. You will be able to get your answer straight and accurately from the relevant authority.

  22. hi. i am from slovakia and my gfriend is from KL.we are both in uk.we know each other for 5 years and live together for 3. there is also a property in slovakia wih both our names on the contract which we bought last year as the plan is to go there in few years time and live there .problem is, that because of some silly mistake her new visa she applied for was declined and her old visa expired. she must leave UK immediately but i don’t want that.the best way is to marry her(we were planning to do that anyway).we were told that the best will be to get married in KL and she can stay in uk with me with no worries about visas etc after.please let me know what will be the best and fastest way to get married so we can be back in UK together.she is no-muslim

  23. hi how are u sir u tell can i get marred with Malaysian girl tell me the procedure u tell me can i get long term visa can i marred with Malaysian girl

  24. Hassan, yes, you can marry a Malaysian and no I can’t tell you the procedure, if you can find the answer here then you got it, if the answer is not here means I don’t have a slightest idea at all. You can’t get long term visa for sure no matter you are married to a Malaysian or not. Foreign spouse will be treated as no difference as other foreigner in Malaysia. If you want to know the procedure of marrying one, do go to the embassy or your country’s related department and they will kindly give you all the information you need. Thanks for coming.

  25. vj, no matter what she has to get out of UK first and redo her visa, or get a valid one. After that then the marriage can go on else nothing can be done. Get a legal document first before you can do anything.

    If you are to get married in Malaysia, it will be slow. Marrying a foreigner in Malaysia required a lot of procedures and money, it takes months!(at least from few experiences that I heard).

    If she is to marry you in UK and report back to Malaysia within 6 months then it will be fast but then again, she must get the proper travel document before doing anything. Sorry but there is no short cut. Get a valid document first.

  26. Hi. This is a great site ! Thanks

    I am a Malaysian man marrying my Filipino girlfriend who is currently working in Australia. She plans to come to Malaysia in a few months and wants to settle in Malaysia immediately after we get married. My questions are :

    A)Single Status Letter – When I called the JPN , they told me that the Filipino Consulate/Embassy issues this but then advised that she had better get this certified by the Malaysian Embassy in Australia too ? Not sure if this is normal ? She is based in a different city and the embassy is all the way in the other side of Au in Canberra. Can she do this ‘certification’ step in Malaysia or must it be in the same country where her government isseus the Single Status Letter

    B)Surat Kebenaran/Approval Letter – The JPN website says that Filipinos must obtain an additional Approval letter from the marriage/divorce division in Putrajaya but there is no further mention of what requirements are necessary for this Approval Letter to be obtained and timelines.

    C)Timelines – She plans to do all the necessary paperwork in a single trip without having to exit and re-enter the country. Immigration says that she has 30 days stay period but I am worried this may be insufficient time. I.e She must be here in Malaysia for 7 days prior to the Marriage application, the process itself takes 21 days before the marriage is certified. The immigration then requires some proof of marriage in order to allow her to apply for either an Entry Permit or Spousal Employment Pass. Any advice on how we can plan the timing correctly ? The personnel at the JPN and Imigresen were most unhelpful as they just took the view that this was a different dept and not their issue.

  27. Z, the reply is in another post. Sorry can’t help you much.

  28. A friend of mine travelled from australia to malaysia to meet a nigerian man. They met online. She stayed there 5 days, and before she left, he proposed, got her a ring and they became engaged. On her return some weeks later, she found out she was pregnant to him. They plan to marry. He is not a citizen of malaysia and is on a working visa. What are the necessary steps and rules he must go by in order to marry her if she returns to malaysia and is pregnant. Will it be the case that he will need to go to Australia to marry her. If so, what are the chances that he tried to get her pregant and wants to marry her for other reasons other than love. It is a well known fact that many Nigerian men are doing this around the world to marry a white woman for visa and other purposes other than being genuine. This is a very difficult situation as I feel my friend fell for him under false pretences. She also has a daughter here in Australia who is only 6. I need all the relevant information and advice you can give me that I may be able to forward onto her so she at least is aware of the difficulties she may face in Malaysia. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  29. Charles, since she’s not Malaysian and he’s also not a Malaysian, even with with him having working visa in Malaysia, it will not be affected by the law of Malaysia unless he is marrying a Malaysian. As a person with working visa in Malaysia cannot marry a local.

    To avoid your friend being cheated, get the man to register their marriage in Australia, he will have to follow all the rules required by Australian government and at least she is well-protected and has all the supports she needs in case anything happens. Impossible he will want her to get married in Nigeria and it’s not a good idea for her also. Stay back in Australia will be a better choice.

    If they are going to get married in Malaysia, they will still have to arrange with their home country for all the necessary documents just like any other foreigners and after they had registered their marriage, they will have to report back to their own home country so that the government can update their marriage status.

    No matter what, I would suggest that they get married in Australia rather than some other places.

    All the best. Your friend is lucky to have you as a friend.

  30. I believe he coerced her to visit him there through charming her on the internet. She went there against the wishes of many of her friends and family. I fell out with her over this because I was close to her before she went. She is stubborn and naive. To pay to go there to visit him was out of curiousity and also gaining feelings for him via the internet and him calling her. I believe his has alterior motives and did from day one, and that she wasnt the only woman he took the same interests in online. To meet each other and then get involved sexually I guess does happen if two people are interested in each other, however, on her return when she found out she was pregnant, I feel as though she was rather overwhelmed by it. She even said he hoped she was pregnant when she got back over here. He had already proposed. I dont know anyone that just meets someone and wants to marry them after a mere 5 days. Reality will tell you that it takes sometime to acquire trust in a partner. Most live with each other before even getting engaged, then plan a wedding etc etc. To me, all of this was thrust upon her, and I guess her willingness to get involved with him was moreso out of the negative views or others being against the situation to start with. As though she wants to prove others wrong, however, i dont think she really looked at the bigger picture, and how difficult it is as well as costly money wise in getting involved with someone from a foreign country, let alone someone in a country that are even a citizen of, and there country is even further away in africa. There also is abundance of stories online of other women who have fallen for african men, got involved and even married, only to then realize after the fact that their men end up doing as they please, especially after they have ended up getting into certain countries. To me it is a case of him wanting to improve his life and is prepared to go to extremes like proposing after only meeting and knowing her in a week, to hoping she would get pregnant after he obviously intended to try to do so, and now with her being pregnant, it is even more of a reason to get married in his opinion. She said it was rather sudden his proposal, and to me, being pregnant to someone you only known online for some months, then met once in person over a week really has all the hallmarks of naive and rather foolish act. Having spoken to immigration here, I am aware of procedures and how they tend to make sure marriages are for all the right reasons. Just cos he says he loves her and wants to marry her, doesnt mean it is because he does. There maybe some genuine feelings there, but there are too many stories online of how women in the US, UK and other western countries are approached online or even on the street in their countries by men from nigeria and elsewhere in poorer nations and men ask them to marry them. The problem i feel is she wants to believe in him to prove others, like myself wrong so she doesnt have to deal with the “i told you so” scenario, but in the process, she has to contend with the fact of having a child to someone that really is going to make her life difficult, disrupt and confuse her young daughters life and future, and also pretty well change her own, considering over the past few months before she went there, most of what she talked about as in her plans for the future were totally opposite of what she is doing now, and to me that is the direct influence, advice or convincing of him. Too many times in the past she has got involved with other guys where things to begin with seem so good and that they are going to be the guy she is going to settle with etc etc, but when the novelty of the initial fun and everything be new wears off, and she realizes they only interest really is sexual all along and was to start with, things soon change and then dramas and problems start to arise. Here there are already a wide range of problems to begin with, and having known her for so long, and also knowing what she is like, and being aware of things about him from male intuition and from an outside observation, i firmly believe she has gotten herself involved with a self serving desperate guy who wanted to find an innocent young girl on the internet to marry to benefit his own plans. Those being he wants her to live with him over in malaysia cos he works there, then go to europe. He doesnt understand the complexities of her life here in australia, the fact that she is doing a business course here and started this year, which goes towards her career, one i can see she can achieve, but most importantly, her daughters schooling, and how she will be taking her away from friends she has made and have to start elsewhere in a country away from her surroundings and life she is settled in and secure in. All along, he has told her he didnt want to come to australia and live, but many would say that is just a smear campaign so she didnt see him as a guy on the net trying to get into australia. I was made aware by him of his intentions to come here until her daughter finished her schooling, and he seemed to be very aware of our visa rules and regulations. For someone who didnt seem very interested in coming here before she went there, seems to me he has done a major backflip or at least, knows that by getting her pregnant in the first place, that would help him walk straight into this country anytime he liked especially is he is her spouse. The problem i guess is many women dont want to hear the worst case scenarios, or what the real picture of things are, so they end up believing in those who really are deceiving them to begin with. He only needs to open his mouth and whatever he says she is going to go along with. It is a very sad and unbelieveable situation, and i fear the worse for her in the future. Such a great woman with the potential to have a career, then a good working life, and then settle down, marry and have a family, but seems by the suave charming ways of a foreigner on the internet, she has been sucked into a situation that has made the chances of the life i feel she wouldve enjoyed more in time of being lost to the selfishness of another guy driven by his own agenda’s.

    I dont think authorities in malaysia or australia would see things as being legitimate when they are aware of his proposal after 5 days and getting her pregnant after only knowing her for 5 days. Lets remember, he asked her to marry him before she found out she was pregnant. I am really at a loss as to what is the right thing to do, as my friendship in some ways with her has been ruined by this. I see him as nothing more than manipulating a naive girls feelings for the benefit of his future. Why the rush to marry her?? Why try to get her pregnant?? I, like many men enjoy having sex with a woman, but we dont exactly go around trying to get women pregnant after just meeting them, rushing off to buy a ring after not even meeting their family or even being in their own country. Its total madness. Are there various people who know how to deal with this situation? Or at least do investigations into his real background? I have a suspicion he isnt even the person he says he is, and has a past elsewhere, maybe even a wife or children in nigeria?? Not sure if You can help or who i should contact with this situation, but i believe something has to be done to at least make sure he is genuine, though it really doesnt look like it.

  31. Charles, I understand your concern. I also have the same view as you do. I don’t think we can dig into people’s life to know they are genuine or not ourselves. The only person that can do so is a detective. Maybe get a detective to track him down? This will cost a lot as the detective might have to fly to several countries to get all the information. I think this is the only way to check his background, don’t think there’s any other way. The thing is… Where to find a detective? I might have watch too much movies.

    I really hope she is not cheated by that guy.

  32. Hi there, i am a chinese from malaysia and i have a bf which is from Jordan,he is a muslim. If we wanna get marry in Malaysia,what procedure we need to follow?? thanks !

  33. Bubble, if you are to marry in Malaysia you might have to convert. Even marrying outside you might also need to convert since you have to report your marriage back here. Things are quite complicated when you are marrying a foreigner Muslim. So sorry that I can’t help much at all in this. Please go straight to JPN and they will tell you what to do.

  34. Dear Sir

    I am Mamun, Muslim, Bangladeshi citizen, currently a fulltime research student in faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Malaysia.

    I am planning to marry a Muslim girl, divorced with one children, Dutch citizen, coming to Malaysia in November, 2009. She want to stay with me until my PhD. Therefore she will apply for visa as my wife.

    Now, I want to get married in Malaysia. Since both of us are Muslim and adult, we have our passports. I need to know what other papers we need to prepare to get married. Where we have to go for registration?

    if i need a single status document, can i collect it from BD high com in Malaysia?

    how long it will take to proceed everything?

    Take care

  35. Hi Abdullah, since both of you are not Malaysian, I can’t really help much but you will definitely get whatever you need to know from the BD high com in Malaysia. If not mistaken, you can even register your marriage there. All the best.

  36. Hi.. I am vivien( Malaysian) and the man i am going to marry is a dutch. We both are christians. I want to know, whats the procedure to apply visa for him to stay in Malaysia. Please advice me.
    Thanks in advance

  37. Vivien, the procedure? Just like any other foreigner apply for visa. Go to the immigration department to do. Sorry, not expert in this.

  38. Hi Admin

    Hope you can help me with my Q.

    I want to marry a girl from China. She’s been registered to a Msian for 4 years. She has stayed in Msia for 5 years.

    Now she wants to annul that engagement with that guy and register with me.

    1)Is it possible?
    2)Cos I heard a foreigner cant register twice(annul then register new one) cos immigration will think they’re using that as a tool to stay in the country. Kindly advise. Thanks.aa

  39. Hi Allen,

    1) Not sure about that. She wants to annul it she can but does that guy want to annul it or not? If he doesn’t then really can’t do much. Once registered, it means she’s married not engaged. So she has to go tru’ the procedure just like any husband and wife that want to divorce.

    2) I guess if the guy is the one that annul it maybe there is hope, if she is the one initiate it, so there will surely be such thought that she is using it as tool to stay here.

    Another way is that, get her to divorce her husband and then you both register in China instead of Malaysia. Then come back and report about the marriage.

    That’s all I can help. It is best for you to go to the relevant department to ask.

  40. Hi,

    I am a Malaysian who is in a relationship with a Yemeni man who is married. We are planning to get married legally without his wife’s consent,is that possible in Malaysia.

  41. Anita, sorry you can’t.

  42. Hi Admin,

    I am Malaysian (33) years old, would like to get married with my bride-to-be, she is from indonesia (chinese), will the procedure is the same as the above now (2010)? I am a divorcee and i have the decree absolute letter issue by high court. anything that i need to prepare for additional? she need to come to malaysia how many days only we can go for submit the application for registration?

  43. Hi, it should be the same you can check here:

  44. Hi! I am a Filipino, working here in Malaysia. Can I marry my Filipino girlfriend here in Malaysia? My Filipino girlfriend is working in another country. We are planning to get married here in Malaysia when she visits me here. What are the procedures that I should do? Please help me with this matter. Thank you so much!

  45. Hi, there. I’m a single malaysian lady and plan to marry a german divorcee in malaysia. He works in malaysia. Unfortunately he misplaced his birth certificate and is wondering if this is needed to get married. When can he get the single status certificate from? Does he need to go back to germany for anything? Can it all be done over here? His divorce certificate is in german, can it be translated in malaysia? ONce registered in malaysia, can he then proceed to have it confirmed in the german embassy here in KL, does he have to go back to germany to get any paper work at all ??

  46. Hi Sam, I’m sorry but I have no idea but I think you have to arrange from your country first for all the needed document and then consult them what you need to do if you are to register in Malaysia because at the end of the day, you still have to go back to your country to report about the marriage.

  47. Daisy, I’m not sure the birth cert is required or not. He can get his single status from his embassy. Since he works here, I don’t think he needs to go back for anything, all can be done tru’ the embassy if needed. Translation is a must, I’m sure the embassy provides such service too. At the end, it is still up to the requirement of Germany since every country has its own law.

  48. Hi.. I am Chinese Sarawakian and my boyfriend is a nigerian citizien. He is a student here. We plan to get married. Am so happy that he want to marry me because we’re love each other so much. But there is something still worrying me because he is foreigner. What worried me the most is am afraid that if he go he never return. I wonder what and how my life going to be? Can I know whether is there any rights or policy to protect malaysian citizien which is married with foreigner?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  49. Jessy, if he is student here, he cannot marry you. He can only do it after he finishes his studies. If you are so worry that he will cheat you or something, then you shouldn’t be marrying him. Sometimes we have to trust our instinct. There is no need to hurry in such matter. You have your rights to take as much time as possible to ensure this guy is for you.

    However, if it’s so unlucky that what you afraid of happens, then if you get married legally you will be protected but only to certain extend because it depends on case-by-case basis. It definitely cannot protect your heart but there shouldn’t be a problem for your rights. I would say it’s best for you to stay back here in Malaysia if you are so worry because once you leave this country you will be all alone to handle everything and it’s not easy in a foreign country what’s more his country. If it involves children then it will be a very hard case to fight.

    So think carefully and make sure that you are marrying someone who is meant for you and you can trust instead of letting your heart rule over your mind. If you already have such thoughts on him, it’s your instinct tell you to be careful. Take your time, time will prove whether it’s meant to be or not. Love with no trust won’t work.

    All the best to you.

  50. Hi, I am Malaysian Muslim and my boy friend is Muslim from Syria. We met online. He wants to marry me in Malaysia. And what should he do and what document that we need for marriage. How long for us to settle on our document before getting marry? Do he needs to stay for 3 months before getting married?Thanks in advance

  51. Since you’re a Muslim, I can’t answer any of your questions since the procedure is quite different from the non-Muslim. Best is you go to your nearest Jakim or mosque or surau to get advise from the people there. I’m sure they will know better.

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