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We noticed that many people are looking for this information online and been asking questions about getting married in Malaysia or Malaysians that want to get married overseas or Malaysians that want to marry the foreigners either from the Muslims or non-Muslims, therefore we decided to compile a list of useful links here that you might find it helpful.

As we are not expert in this field, the advise we are giving are mostly based on our experiences that we got from friends and family, it is best to get the information from the departments involved. So here you go and hope that these links will help you find out more:

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  1. Adelin, there’s no such thing as in getting married somewhere first, you only get married once. Malaysian needs single status letter, just go to any nearest JPN to get it, preferable the one nearest to your IC’s address. As for your bf, he needs one if he wants to marry you and he has to get his from wherever he’s from.

    In case you get married in Mauritius, then just bring all the documents that you got when you you got married there and go to JPN to update your database.

    If you are going to marry him here, he has to fulfill certain immigration criteria before he can do so.

    All the best. Sorry for the late reply was away on traveling.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I would like to seek your advice about the single status certificate for those that want to get married overseas.

    I’m a chinese malaysian who had signed a deed of separation with my husband on 6 Sept 2008 and now we are in process of joint divorce petition.

    Question :
    1.Can I obtain a single status certification immediately just after I get the divorce decree?
    2. I am planning to get married in France in July 2010, do you think it is possible for me to remarry in such period of time? Now is Sept 2009 and I have still 10months to go. I heard from my friend say I need to wait 1&1/2years to get married again? Please advise.
    3. If my ex-husband is reluctant to sign the joint petition? Do you have any option to file divorce? I’m now working in France since last year.

  3. LSF, if I’m not mistaken you cannot get your cert immediately but for how long I’m not so sure. Just like your friend said, 1&1/2years, that’s what I heard also.

    If you ex-husband doesn’t want to sign it, you can get a lawyer to do the thing which in other word, all you need is money and it will take longer time to process compare to the usual procedure. Don’t think it will be in time for you to remarry.

  4. hi admin..
    i would like to ask some question..i am malaysian citizen.i planning married my philippine gf at philippine..i wan to know is ,if i registered her at philippine..n if she born the baby at that the baby can be malaysian citizen?n if i late reports my marriage to malaysia jpn how much i would like to pay for the penalthy?

  5. Hi hong,

    The baby will follow the father’s nationality make sure your marriage is reported back to Malaysia before the baby comes and also within 6 months of your marriage.

    The penalty:
    Sijil Perkahwinan = RM20.00 Marriage Certificate = RM20.00

    Penalti bagi pendaftaran lewat= Tahun pertama RM100.00
    Penalty for late registration in first = RM100.00
    Setiap tahun berikutnya RM50.00 Each subsequent year RM50.00

  6. me & my girl friend both are non malaysian ,im muslim ,she is christian,can we register our marriage in malaysia?

  7. Mohammad, yes you can but I’m not sure how you can do it. One way is go to the embassy or high commissioner of your country or her country to arrange if you are based in M’sia. If not, then just go to your nearest marriage department to arrange.

  8. Hi Admin,

    Good Day, thank you for your very helpful postings on this site.I am writing to ask some question regarding my situation. I am from Philippines and my fiance’ is Malaysian (non-Muslim) and we wish to get married in Malaysia. In order for me to get married to a Malaysian i need to apply for “Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” or LCCM at the Phil. Embassy here and the processing period is 10 days. Do i need to wait for this LCCM cert before applying for Marriage at JPN?

  9. Lin, if I’m not mistaken you have to wait for it before applying as I think JPN in Malaysia will want to see the document before approving or proceed with anything to ensure that it’s authentic.

  10. hii.. I am wife of Malaysian citizen and we have been married for more than a year.. We lived in Malaysia for a year and then moved to UK. Now i have to renew my Malaysian Spouse visa (long term visa) in March. What happens if i don’t renew it. It is because it is inconvenient and expensive for us to travel every 6 months to travel to Malaysia to renew my visa. So is it possible for me to not renew it? What would be the consequences? If we move to Malaysia at any time later, would it be possible for me to renew it then and live there?

  11. nisha, don’t think there will be a problem since you do not stay in Malaysia. It’s only for those staying in Malaysia. However, the only problem that might happen by then is that you might have to reapply and it might take ages to get it approved.

  12. Hi! I’m a Malaysian Christian Chinese who have a Muslim Malay girlfriend, and marriage is something we both have to consider some point soon in the future. I’m however totally dark as to my required conversion procedures to get the marriage legalised. Would you be able to advise me on the required paperwork needed for my girlfriend and I to have a legal marriage? Please help – you’re my only hope 🙁 – Richie

    P.S You can send the reply to my email account if you like.

  13. Richie I’m not your only hope. All you need to do is go to the nearest JAIS office or JAKIM and they will be very excited and happy tell you everything. Since your gf is a Muslim, she will surely know where’s the nearest pplace for you to get advise or can even look for those ulama or a mosque to ask.

  14. Hi,

    You 7th link on your post is no longer valid, I try looking around the site but unable to find how I am able to find out the martial status of a person. Do you know where I can find that information?


  15. Hi there,

    I’m a divorced Malaysian Chinese Muslim. My bf is a British Muslim widower. My question: which is easier and faster? Marry in UK or in Malaysia? How long would it normally take for the procedure? What documents do I have to prepare? I have my divorce paper with me. People at the religious dept can’t give me concrete answer. Hope you can shed some light. If you can’t help, please let me know where else I can go find out. Thanks!

  16. hi,
    i would like to ask is it possible for us to ROM in KL if both of us are from Sabah. My gf ic address is base in KL but mine is still in Sabah. Do i have to chnage my ic address to KL district?

  17. Hi Brian, if you want to have your ROM in KL, you must change your address to KL. You have to make sure that both your addresses are of the same area in KL too to be able to register in the same ROM.

    Hello Norma, I think… Getting married in UK is much faster than Malaysia since you’re a Muslim and you know how tedious it is the procedure in Malaysia is since Malaysia is an Islamic country. However, I have no idea of the procedure. It’s best that your bf can find out what you both need if to marry in UK. I think it would save you lots of hassle, register in UK, report back to Malaysia by going to the Embassy of Malaysia in UK. Just my idea but I’m not sure whether it is feasible to do so or not.

    Nick, if you want to find out a person marital status, it’s not possible coz this is a confidential information. Unless you mean you want to find out your own status. If so, go to JPN, pay the money and get your single status certificate. Other than that, there is no way you can find out such details of other people without their consent.

  18. Hi admin,

    first off, great stuff with the website, i think you’ve made a lot of people much happier with the guidance. Hope you can help me too…

    I guess this is the info you’ll need: My fiance and I are both non-muslim Malaysians and over 21yrs old (Ok a bit older but nvm) :). My IC address is S’wak, her’s is KL. We’d like to be married in KL as this is where we met. Yet, we’d like to keep our IC addresses to show our respective homes.

    So, can you give me a checklist of what I need to do? I know it’s a tall order, but I want to do it right. She can be a bit mad if I get it wrong. But I love her all the same…
    Many thanks admin,

  19. HOH, sorry I don’t have any checklist you need because I’m not related to any organisation or department that deals with such thing. I’m just average people like you. However, what I can say is that, you have to change your IC address, no choice. Unless you want do extra job, change to KL address then after register, change back to the address in Sarawak. That’s the only way.

  20. I’m a Malaysia and my girlfriend is from China. We would like to get married by 30 June 2010 in Malaysia. Can I know the procedure for the ROM in Malaysia as the 2nd link on your post is no longer valid. Pls advise.

  21. im a malaysia and im planing to get married end of this year,but my GF is a fillipino,what do we need to get married here in malaysia? what i need to do and do she need any visa to enter malaysia? pls help me..thank you

  22. I have a question.
    Im a bruneian muslim and my boyfriend is a canadian spon to convert.
    we are planning to get married in Malaysia.
    what are the requirements/procedure. please HELP! Thanks so much

  23. Steve, so sorry for the late reply, just notice your question but sad to say I have no idea also.

    matthias, go to your nearest JPN for the answer. She has to get her documents in her country also. As for the visa, she’ll be getting the usual visa that foreigners are getting, nothing special. If she is going to stay here, she has to get her visa renew from time to time.

    Faria, all you need to do it arrange with the marriage office in Brunei and then they will tell you the procedure on how to do it in Malaysia because no matter what, you still need to get necessary documents from your country before you can come to Malaysia to get married.

  24. All, european non-muslim looking towards marriage with Malay muslim girl. What is the most convenient way? Preferably not in Malaysia as I really don want to be registered as a muslim within their system. If something bead happens to me (die) they will have the power to dig a whole and throw me in there without even notifying my family who are all non-muslims. Is there a way out of the dramatic Malaysia sharia stuff? But on the other hand it needs to be all ok at the same time? Like living together and having kids without fear of the ‘religious police’…

  25. hi admin, i’m a sarawak-ian marrying an indonesian chinese girl. we are both PRs in Singapore and plan on doing ROM in Singapore and report back to Msia within 6months. From the replies above, I know that our kids will be entitled to Msian citizenship. Question is, will they be registered as Sarawak-ian, Malaysian (follow me)? I want them to be registered as Sarawak-ians due to land rights and privileges issues. Do you have an answer? Thanks a lot!!

  26. Dear Sir/Madam
    How r u ? i am from pakistan and i live and work in dubai as a computer technician i wanna marry with malaysian girl in Dubai please tell me what documents are required for that ?
    she is 34 and i am 27 is there any problem of age or her parents are not agree so can we ger married in dubai easylly
    plz send me mail as soon as possible as u can
    Best Regards
    Talib Al Balushi

  27. Dear admin,

    I got 1 question.
    My brother and his girlfriend which under 21 years old, they want to get marry. How can they apply for it? Are they need parents to do any confirmation? And if need confirm by parents is mean that both parents or either parties is aslo ok?

  28. Hi Admin,

    I am Malaysia-Chinese. I have an iranian boyfriend and he is a muslim. We plan to marry next year. Appreciate if you could help to answer my questions:

    1) he is a muslim but foreigner, accroding to Malaysia Law, shall I convert?

    2) is there any alternative not to convert? marry oversea?

    3) if marry oversea and not to report back to Malaysia, what is the consequences or nagative impact my future kids will have?

    Waiting for your prompt feedback! Thanks!

  29. Simon, sorry to say that, there is none. If it’s Malaysian Muslim, no choice but to convert. You can always register your marriage in other country and not report it back to Malaysia and don’t come back to Malaysia which is not recommended because your wife’s database will still be “single” in Malaysia and in case something happen to her, you have no rights for anything related to her in Malaysia, she is consider a single lady and you cannot participate in any decision making related to her. In case there’s something happen to you or the marriage doesn’t work, she will be in the losing end because the marriage is not recognize in Malaysia and she does not have all the privilege a wife should have. So, it’s up to you both to take the risk which I don’t think it’s a wise situation.

  30. Rayteo, yes your kids will be provided you have them born here in Sarawak. If they are to be born in Singapore, then you have to do extra procedure if I”m not mistaken. So, if you want to save the trouble, make sure your wife stays in Sarawak while waiting for the baby to born especially during the final 2-3 month of pregnancy. That’s what many people are doing.

  31. Hi Talib, She is an adult, she doesn’t need parents consent. She can just get married in Dubai by providing the documents the Dubai government wants. Then report to Malaysia embassy with all the documents so that the country can update her status to married. I have no idea what document is needed.

  32. WW,

    1) You don’t have to convert.

    2) Refer to 1.

    3) If you don’t want to report back to Malaysia, your marriage will not be recognized. In case something happen to you, your husband and children have no rights over you and vice versa. In case the marriage didn’t work out, you will be at the losing end of losing everything including your children because you don’t have the government in Malaysia to back you up with the privilege a wife has in the law. Worst, if you plan to stay in Malaysia, you will be considered as single lady and you will have no rights to anything which related marriage or children related.

  33. Hi There, I am going to get married with my gf from china, i am malaysia and she is chinese, we already got all the notarized forms but she is below 21 years of age, hence we need to fill the yellow form jpn.kc01b, her father is now in malaysia to sign the form but jpn says i need to bring a translator, anyone knows where can i find one ?


  34. Dave, sorry, no idea but you might be able to find one with the help of your lawyer or go to Chinese association, they might have a clue.

  35. hey!

    i need to know me and my fiance both are from pakistan we are planing to register our marrige in malaysia is it possible for us to go to malaysia on a visit visa and register our marrige there? plus we both are muslims and let me know if he will get the citizenship of malaysia after that can we register our marrige there ?

  36. aisha, no citizenship for any of you. Registering your marriage here is not a passport for citizenship. If you want to register your marriage here, you have to arrange the documentation at your country related department and then arrange it with the relevant authority in Malaysia. Please contact the relevant department in your country about you both getting married overseas and they can guide you from there as every country has different requirements.

  37. Hi there, I would like ask something procedure about the marriage registration in malaysia.

    Me and my vietnamese wife had complete our marriage certificate in vietnam( and yes we got the paper already from vietnam side) then I am planning to fly back to malaysia on next month to apply our marriage certificate in Putrajaya, but I am confuse about my hometown, because I was born in sarawak kuching, I wonder that I can do it all the procedure in Putrajaya or not?

    Thanks for your helping on this matter ya!

  38. Alan, I think it’s OK with you being born in Kuching, Sarawak. Besides, since your case is marrying a foreigner, usually such case is done in Putrajaya. I don’t think there should be a problem though. However, I cannot guarantee my information for you is correct. One more thing, make sure your documents are translated to BM or English if it’s not already in these language.

  39. Hello, good day.

    My bf and I are from Kedah and now residing in PJ. We’re planning to do our ROM in Kedah Buddhist Association.

    I understand that we need to take the forms, go to the commissioner of oath n only we can submit the forms. May i know if we can go to the commisioner of oath in KL and then only submit the forms to the Kedah Buddhist Association? Or does it have to be all done in Kedah? Do we have to be there when we submit the forms (or can our parents represent us to submit the forms)?

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  40. SY, the commisioner of oath can be from anywhere but submission you both must go together no such thing as asking representative as they want to make sure the right persons are getting married not some imposter.

  41. Hi, good day

    I’m Malaysian from Miri, Sarawak. I’m going to get marriage in Philippine with my girlfriend next month. Do u have any ideal it will take how long to process till we get the marriage certificate in Philippine? bcoz i only can stay 2weeks there.

    Another thing is, Philippine request to summit legal capacity and sudula. anywhere i can get this document in Malaysia before i go there? so we dont need to wait long for the document.

    thanks for help~

  42. For ur info, she’s a Philippino. i just hoping we can done everything within 2weeks, and we will come back Malaysia to get Malaysia Marriage certificate as well.

    thanks a lot~

  43. Konny, sorry, no idea about the procedure or any requirements of the Philippines. You should be asking them. I’m sure you girlfriend will have better access to them. Sorry, can’t help much.

  44. Hi there,

    Good Day,

    I would like to ask help from you.
    I am Filipina and my boyfriend is A British who is currently working in Kuala Lumpur and me here in Japan.
    We plan to get married in Malaysia when I finish my contract here in Japan. Do you know an agent who can help us procees our wedding documents in KL? We can provide the supporting documents. Our problem is we don’t have enough time going to Malaysian embassy to get our non marriage form stamped and who can assist us in applying the marriage license in the Registrar’s office.I hope you can recommend someone who can be trusted.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    More power to your website.



  45. Jaja, sorry, I can’t recommend anyone because I don’t know anyone but you can always find someone back at Japan to advise you on how to go about it or your boyfriend who is in KL to ask his colleagues or the immigration department or the marriage registrar office about it.

  46. Hello,

    I would like to get help from you if you can. I am holding Permenant residence status in Norway and living and working in Norway. I met my girlfriend in Malasia and she was from Myanmar and living and working in Malaysia with work permit.I want to go to Malaysia in September to get married with her there and would like to sponsor her to come and live with me in Norway. The problem is, we both are from Myanmar and non-malasian so that what should we do before getting married in Malaysia. Please suggest me any website or procedure that should follow before coming to Malaysia since I will only get one month vacation to go there and I don’t want to make any mistake and I can’t effort to make any mistake either. I know only information for marrying foreigner with malaysian but our situation is we both are non Malaysian. Could you please help or suggest us what should we do since I can only come to Malaysia to get marry with her and she can not come to Norway to visit me because it’s not easy to get Myanmar passport holder to get visa to come and visit to Norway. I love her so much and the only way to be with her is to go and marry in Malaysia. Could you please provide us with any suggestion for what to follow to get legally married in Malaysia to get marriage certificate.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help.


  47. Myo, sorry, can’t help much with your situation. One thing for sure, you will need to arrange with your home country first to get all the needed documents and ask them what you should do if you want to get married overseas. Since you both are not Malaysians, then I have no idea how to go about it because at the end of the day, you must report back to your home country to make sure the marriage is valid else it will not be valid at all.

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