Miss Sarawak Race Queen 2010

Miss Sarawak Race Queen 2010 is initiated by Pesaka Borneo Motorsports Sdn. Bhd. (PBM), supported by Sarawak Automotive Racing Sports Association (SARSA) and organized by Runway Mode Management Services.

Sharing the photos of the catwalk with you.

The clothes was provided by Ad Jeans, Promise Boutique, Boulevard Departmental Store and BodyGlove.

6: Crystal Chai

7: Victor Yong

9: Valenice Tiong

12: Lydia Tong

13: Juju Ong

14: Yuki Kiew

16: Alvina Ting

1: Japenley James

3: Jeancy Elbelo

4: Cornellia Johnek

5: Chrissy Anderson Woods

8: Nicole Ngu

11: Eileen Bong

15: Jennifer Ngu

Crystal Chai

Clothes by Body Glove, spectacles by Eyesight Optic.

Valenice Tiong won one of the subsidiary titles.

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