Bridal Showcase at Sarawak Plaza

If you plan to hold your wedding at Riverside Majestic Hotel or Grand Margherita Hotel, you can go to Sarawak Plaza on 27th March-29th March 2009.

Both hotels are having bridal showcase at the lower ground floor of Sarawak Plaza shopping complex from 11am-8pm.

You will also see attractive bridal floral arrangements and decorations by Spring Florist and Aden House of Flowers.

On 28th March, there will be a bridal fashion show by 15 finalists of the Miss Fair & Lovely World Harvest Festival ethnic beauty pageant at 2pm.

See the girls sitting on the stage? They are waiting for the rehearsal for the fashion show tomorrow.

For those of you that like to take photos, here’s another fashion show for you but mind you that the place is not spacious enough. So go early to position yourself at the best spot.

Tips & Sample Hairstyles for Wedding Day

There are many hairstyles that you can wear for your wedding. It doesn’t matter you got long or medium or short length hair, they can all be styled to suit your big day. It’s hard to make decision as there are too many choices out there. I had compiled 18 hairstyles for updo, half-up and down that I personally like and hope it will help you a bit.

You have to take note of your face shape also when you choose a hairstyle. Here’s simple quick tips for you:

  • Oval
    Great for any hairstyle. Lucky you!
  • Square
    Soften the square edge by directing soft wavy strands down over your temples. If you are to pull it up, do play with wisps of hair around the face.
  • Round
    Create an oval appearance by keeping the sides close to the face and promote height at the crown. Layer shag is perfect.
  • Heart
    Create width at your narrow chin. A side slanted fringe with strands around the face draw attention away from the jaw line. Curly and wavy hairstyle is the best.
  • Rectangle
    Long manes looked better in full styles that fall on or above the shoulder. If you want to have fringe, make sure it just touches the eyebrows.
  • Diamond
    Balance the narrow chin by creating an oval look with wide wispy strands framing the face. Graduated bob that falls to the chin is the best choice.

Here’s some other tips that ensure your hair is in good condition on your big day:

  • Do not trim, color, perm or chemically straighten your own hair. Go to the pro to do it!
  • Start growing it out as soon as possible if you have short hair and want an updo on your big day. Hair grows about half an inch per month. Otherwise you can opt for hair extension.
  • Don’t get a partial highlight, the type where the top layers of your hair are colored only. Updo on your wedding day with the two-tone look isn’t flattering.
  • Use clip-on extensions and hidden hairpieces to add volume, length and holding power.
  • Be yourself. Choose style that suit your normal style.
  • schedule your hair appointment several hours before your ceremony.
  • Look for someone who specializes in formal or camera-ready hairstyles.
  • Be sure to complement your dress with your hairstyle.

Book recommendation:
Great Hair: Elegant Styles for Every Occasion

All photos below take from
Some samples of updo hairstyles

Some samples of down hairstyles

Some samples of half up hairstyles

Getting Married in 080808

There are many weddings going on around the world today especially mass weddings. It’s a special date that only comes once in a century.

We at would like to wish all the couples that got married today a very happy marriage.

Today is also the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic. Have a good day everyone!

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