Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011

First of all, Happy 2011! May the year brings you the best of luck!

In few more weeks, we’re going to welcome the Rabbit year. I’m sure many are wondering when is the best date to get married.

The list here serve as a reference only. Not everyone is suitable to get married on the day listed here especially for those who strongly follow the Chinese tradition. Sometimes, the dates that are not listed here are suitable for you. At least this list can help you in deciding on the possible dates you like.

12 January 2011 Wednesday
14 January 2011 Friday
15 January 2011 Saturday
17 January 2011 Monday
19 January 2011 Wednesday
20 January 2011 Thursday
24 January 2011 Monday
26 January 2011 Wednesday
27 January 2011 Thursday
29 January 2011 Saturday

05 February 2011 Saturday
09 February 2011 Wednesday
11 February 2011 Friday
17 February 2011 Thursday
18 February 2011 Friday
21 February 2011 Monday
26 February 2011 Saturday

01 March 2011 Monday
02 March 2011 Wednesday
05 March 2011 Saturday
11 March 2011 Friday
17 March 2011 Thursday
20 March 2011 Sunday
22 March 2011 Tuesday
25 March 2011 Friday
28 March 2011 Monday
30 March 2011 Wednesday

01 April 2011 Friday
03 April 2011 Sunday
04 April 2011 Monday
05 April 2011 Tuesday
07 April 2011 Thursday
12 April 2011 Tuesday
17 April 2011 Sunday
18 April 2011 Monday
21 April 2011 Thursday
29 April 2011 Friday

03 May 2011 Tuesday
06 May 2011 Friday
07 May 2011 Saturday
09 May 2011 Monday
11 May 2011 Wednesday
13 May 2011 Friday
15 May 2011 Sunday
18 May 2011 Wednesday
21 May 2011 Saturday
24 May 2011 Tuesday
25 May 2011 Wednesday
30 May 2011 Monday
31 May 2011 Tuesday

02 June 2011 Thursday
06 June 2011 Monday
10 June 2011 Friday
11 June 2011 Saturday
12 June 2011 Sunday
15 June 2011 Wednesday
18 June 2011 Saturday
19 June 2011 Sunday
21 June 2011 Tuesday
24 June 2011 Friday

03 July 2011 Sunday
04 July 2011 Monday
05 July 2011 Tuesday
06 July 2011 Wednesday
10 July 2011 Sunday
11 July 2011 Monday
13 July 2011 Wednesday
15 July 2011 Friday
16 July 2011 Saturday
17 July 2011 Sunday
18 July 2011 Monday
22 July 2011 Friday
23 July 2011 Saturday
28 July 2011 Thursday
29 July 2011 Friday

03 August 2011 Wednesday
04 August 2011 Thursday
06 August 2011 Saturday
08 August 2011 Monday
09 August 2011 Tuesday
13 August 2011 Saturday
16 August 2011 Tuesday
17 August 2011 Wednesday
19 August 2011 Friday
20 August 2011 Saturday
29 August 2011 Monday
31 August 2011 Wednesday

06 September 2011 Tuesday
10 September 2011 Saturday
12 September 2011 Monday
14 September 2011 Wednesday
19 September 2011 Monday
22 September 2011 Thursday
24 September 2011 Saturday
26 September 2011 Monday
28 September 2011 Wednesday

01 October 2011 Saturday
04 October 2011 Tuesday
06 October 2011 Thursday
08 October 2011 Saturday
09 October 2011 Sunday
15 October 2011 Saturday
18 October 2011 Tuesday
22 October 2011 Saturday
29 October 2011 Saturday
30 October 2011 Sunday
31 October 2011 Monday

01 November 2011 Tuesday
02 November 2011 Wednesday
09 November 2011 Wednesday
17 November 2011 Thursday
20 November 2011 Sunday
23 November 2011 Wednesday
29 November 2011 Tuesday

01 December 2011 Thursday
02 December 2011 Friday
05 December 2011 Monday
12 December 2011 Monday
16 December 2011 Friday
24 December 2011 Saturday

To whoever is getting married this year, I wish you have a happy marriage.

Auspicious Dates for Wedding 2010

Ok… I just realized I forgot to post the auspicious dates for getting married this year. No worries, it’s only June, there’s still time. I know many people have not decide on a date yet. Going to posting it here to share it with you.

You can find the dates in Gregorian Calender and Lunar Calender here.

Please bear in mind that these dates are only for reference. If you are the kind that have to follow the date and procedures strictly, do consult with the professional.

03 Sunday 十一月十九己丑年丙子月 癸丑日 生肖冲羊
05 Tuesday 十一月廿一 己丑年 丙子月 乙卯日 生肖冲鸡
06 Wednesday 十一月廿二 己丑年 丙子月 丙辰日 生肖冲狗
08 Friday 十一月廿四 己丑年 丙子月 戊午日 生肖冲鼠
17 Sunday 腊月初三 己丑年 丁丑月 丁卯日 生肖冲鸡
19 Tuesday 腊月初五 己丑年 丁丑月 己巳日 生肖冲猪
20 Wednesday 腊月初六 己丑年 丁丑月 庚午日 生肖冲鼠
22 Friday 腊月初八 己丑年 丁丑月 壬申日 生肖冲虎
24 Sunday 腊月初十 己丑年 丁丑月 甲戌日 生肖冲龙
25 Monday 腊月十一 己丑年 丁丑月 乙亥日 生肖冲蛇
29 Friday 腊月十五 己丑年 丁丑月 己卯日 生肖冲鸡
31 Sunday 腊月十七 己丑年 丁丑月 辛巳日 生肖冲猪

01 Monday 腊月十八 己丑年 丁丑月 壬午日 生肖冲鼠
03 Wednesday 腊月二十 己丑年 丁丑月 甲申日 生肖冲虎
04 Thursday 腊月廿一 己丑年 丁丑月 乙酉日 生肖冲兔
07 Sunday 腊月廿四 己丑年 丁丑月 戊子日 生肖冲马
10 Wednesday 腊月廿七 己丑年 丁丑月 辛卯日 生肖冲鸡
14 Sunday 正月初一 庚寅年 戊寅月 乙未日 生肖冲牛
16 Tuesday 正月初三 庚寅年 戊寅月 丁酉日 生肖冲兔
22 Monday 正月初九 庚寅年 戊寅月 癸卯日 生肖冲鸡
23 Tuesday 正月初十 庚寅年 戊寅月 甲辰日 生肖冲狗
26 Friday 正月十三 庚寅年 戊寅月 丁未日 生肖冲牛

03 Wednesday 正月十八 庚寅年 戊寅月 壬子日 生肖冲马
06 Saturday 正月廿一 庚寅年 戊寅月 乙卯日 生肖冲鸡
09 Tuesday 正月廿四 庚寅年 戊寅月 戊午日 生肖冲鼠
10 Wednesday 正月廿五 庚寅年 戊寅月 己未日 生肖冲牛
16 Tuesday 二月初一 庚寅年 己卯月 乙丑日 生肖冲羊
22 Monday 二月初七 庚寅年 己卯月 辛未日 生肖冲牛
25 Thursday 二月初十 庚寅年 己卯月 甲戌日 生肖冲龙
27 Saturday 二月十二 庚寅年 己卯月 丙子日 生肖冲马
30 Tuesday 二月十五 庚寅年 己卯月 己卯日 生肖冲鸡

02 Friday 二月十八 庚寅年 己卯月 壬午日 生肖冲鼠
04 Sunday 二月二十 庚寅年 己卯月 甲申日 生肖冲虎
10 Saturday 二月廿六 庚寅年 己卯月 庚寅日 生肖冲猴
12 Monday 二月廿八 庚寅年 己卯月 壬辰日 生肖冲狗
17 Saturday 三月初四 庚寅年 庚辰月 丁酉日 生肖冲兔
22 Thursday 三月初九 庚寅年 庚辰月 壬寅日 生肖冲猴
23 Friday 三月初十 庚寅年 庚辰月 癸卯日 生肖冲鸡
26 Monday 三月十三 庚寅年 庚辰月 丙午日 生肖冲鼠

04 Tuesday 三月廿一 庚寅年 庚辰月 甲寅日 生肖冲猴
05 Wednesday 三月廿二 庚寅年 庚辰月 乙卯日 生肖冲鸡
08 Saturday 三月廿五 庚寅年 庚辰月 戊午日 生肖冲鼠
10 Monday 三月廿七 庚寅年 庚辰月 庚申日 生肖冲虎
11 Tuesday 三月廿八 庚寅年 庚辰月 辛酉日 生肖冲兔
12 Wednesday 三月廿九 庚寅年 庚辰月 壬戌日 生肖冲龙
14 Friday 四月初一 庚寅年 辛巳月 甲子日 生肖冲马
16 Sunday 四月初三 庚寅年 辛巳月 丙寅日 生肖冲猴
18 Tuesday 四月初五 庚寅年 辛巳月 戊辰日 生肖冲狗
20 Thursday 四月初七 庚寅年 辛巳月 庚午日 生肖冲鼠
23 Sunday 四月初十 庚寅年 辛巳月 癸酉日 生肖冲兔
26 Wednesday 四月十三 庚寅年 辛巳月 丙子日 生肖冲马
29 Saturday 四月十六 庚寅年 辛巳月 己卯日 生肖冲鸡
30 Sunday 四月十七 庚寅年 辛巳月 庚辰日 生肖冲狗

04 Friday 四月廿二 庚寅年 辛巳月 乙酉日 生肖冲兔
05 Saturday 四月廿三 庚寅年 辛巳月 丙戌日 生肖冲龙
08 Tuesday 四月廿六 庚寅年 辛巳月 己丑日 生肖冲羊
11 Friday 四月廿九 庚寅年 辛巳月 壬辰日 生肖冲狗
15 Tuesday 五月初四 庚寅年 壬午月 丙申日 生肖冲虎
16 Wednesday 五月初五 庚寅年 壬午月 丁酉日 生肖冲兔
17 Thursday 五月初六 庚寅年 壬午月 戊戌日 生肖冲龙
20 Sunday 五月初九 庚寅年 壬午月 辛丑日 生肖冲羊
23 Wednesday 五月十二 庚寅年 壬午月 甲辰日 生肖冲狗
24 Thursday 五月十三 庚寅年 壬午月 乙巳日 生肖冲猪
26 Saturday 五月十五 庚寅年 壬午月 丁未日 生肖冲牛
29 Tuesday 五月十八 庚寅年 壬午月 庚戌日 生肖冲龙

09 Friday 五月廿八 庚寅年 壬午月 庚申日 生肖冲虎
10 Saturday 五月廿九 庚寅年 壬午月 辛酉日 生肖冲兔
11 Sunday 五月三十 庚寅年 壬午月 壬戌日 生肖冲龙
15 Thursday 六月初四 庚寅年 癸未月 丙寅日 生肖冲猴
16 Friday 六月初五 庚寅年 癸未月 丁卯日 生肖冲鸡
18 Sunday 六月初七 庚寅年 癸未月 己巳日 生肖冲猪
20 Tuesday 六月初九 庚寅年 癸未月 辛未日 生肖冲牛
21 Wednesday 六月初十 庚寅年 癸未月 壬申日 生肖冲虎
22 Thursday 六月十一 庚寅年 癸未月 癸酉日 生肖冲兔
23 Friday 六月十二 庚寅年 癸未月 甲戌日 生肖冲龙
27 Tuesday 六月十六 庚寅年 癸未月 戊寅日 生肖冲猴
28 Wednesday 六月十七 庚寅年 癸未月 己卯日 生肖冲鸡

02 Monday 六月廿二 庚寅年 癸未月 甲申日 生肖冲虎
03 Tuesday 六月廿三 庚寅年 癸未月 乙酉日 生肖冲兔
09 Monday 六月廿九 庚寅年 癸未月 辛卯日 生肖冲鸡
11 Wednesday 七月初二 庚寅年 甲申月 癸巳日 生肖冲猪
12 Thursday 七月初三 庚寅年 甲申月 甲午日 生肖冲鼠
13 Friday 七月初四 庚寅年 甲申月 乙未日 生肖冲牛
14 Saturday 七月初五 庚寅年 甲申月 丙申日 生肖冲虎
18 Wednesday 七月初九 庚寅年 甲申月 庚子日 生肖冲马
21 Saturday 七月十二 庚寅年 甲申月 癸卯日 生肖冲鸡
22 Sunday 七月十三 庚寅年 甲申月 甲辰日 生肖冲狗
24 Tuesday 七月十五 庚寅年 甲申月 丙午日 生肖冲鼠
25 Wednesday 七月十六 庚寅年 甲申月 丁未日 生肖冲牛

03 Friday 七月廿五 庚寅年 甲申月 丙辰日 生肖冲狗
05 Sunday 七月廿七 庚寅年 甲申月 戊午日 生肖冲鼠
12 Sunday 八月初五 庚寅年 乙酉月 乙丑日 生肖冲羊
15 Wednesday 八月初八 庚寅年 乙酉月 戊辰日 生肖冲狗
17 Friday 八月初十 庚寅年 乙酉月 庚午日 生肖冲鼠
19 Sunday 八月十二 庚寅年 乙酉月 壬申日 生肖冲虎
24 Friday 八月十七 庚寅年 乙酉月 丁丑日 生肖冲羊
27 Monday 八月二十 庚寅年 乙酉月 庚辰日 生肖冲狗
29 Wednesday 八月廿二 庚寅年 乙酉月 壬午日 生肖冲鼠

01 Friday 八月廿四 庚寅年 乙酉月 甲申日 生肖冲虎
03 Sunday 八月廿六 庚寅年 乙酉月 丙戌日 生肖冲龙
06 Wednesday 八月廿九 庚寅年 乙酉月 己丑日 生肖冲羊
10 Sunday 九月初三 庚寅年 丙戌月 癸巳日 生肖冲猪
11 Monday 九月初四 庚寅年 丙戌月 甲午日 生肖冲鼠
13 Wednesday 九月初六 庚寅年 丙戌月 丙申日 生肖冲虎
14 Thursday 九月初七 庚寅年 丙戌月 丁酉日 生肖冲兔
20 Wednesday 九月十三 庚寅年 丙戌月 癸卯日 生肖冲鸡
23 Saturday 九月十六 庚寅年 丙戌月 丙午日 生肖冲鼠
27 Wednesday 九月二十 庚寅年 丙戌月 庚戌日 生肖冲龙

03 Wednesday 九月廿七 庚寅年 丙戌月 丁巳日 生肖冲猪
04 Thursday 九月廿八 庚寅年 丙戌月 戊午日 生肖冲鼠
05 Friday 九月廿九 庚寅年 丙戌月 己未日 生肖冲牛
06 Saturday 十月初一 庚寅年 丁亥月 庚申日 生肖冲虎
08 Monday 十月初三 庚寅年 丁亥月 壬戌日 生肖冲龙
10 Wednesday 十月初五 庚寅年 丁亥月 甲子日 生肖冲马
14 Sunday 十月初九 庚寅年 丁亥月 戊辰日 生肖冲狗
22 Monday 十月十七 庚寅年 丁亥月 丙子日 生肖冲马
25 Thursday 十月二十 庚寅年 丁亥月 己卯日 生肖冲鸡
28 Sunday 十月廿三 庚寅年 丁亥月 壬午日 生肖冲鼠

04 Saturday 十月廿九 庚寅年 丁亥月 戊子日 生肖冲马
06 Monday 十一月初一 庚寅年 戊子月 庚寅日 生肖冲猴
09 Thursday 十一月初四 庚寅年 戊子月 癸巳日 生肖冲猪
17 Friday 十一月十二 庚寅年 戊子月 辛丑日 生肖冲羊
21 Tuesday 十一月十六 庚寅年 戊子月 乙巳日 生肖冲猪
29 Wednesday 十一月廿四 庚寅年 戊子月 癸丑日 生肖冲羊

Here are some books that I can recommend for your wedding preparations, hope that you will find them useful:

Penalty for Reporting Your Marriage Late

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the late penalty or is it a must to report your marriage back to Malaysia after you got married overseas. This post is dedicated to these issues.

You have to report about your marriage overseas to ensure that your information is updated here in Malaysia and also this will also ensure that you are protected by the law or in case anything happens to you, your husband/wife will be able to claim or settle things on your behalf.

Where can you report? You can go the the high commissioner/embassy of Malaysia in the country you got your marriage registered or you can come back to Malaysia and do it at JPN by bringing along all the documents as proofs. All need to be done within 6 months.

Be sure to report about your marriage overseas within 6 months else you will be slapped with penalty.

The following is the rate:
Marriage Certificate = RM20.00
Penalty for late registration in first the year = RM100.00
Each subsequent year = RM50.00

Some Ideas for Wedding Reception

Every couple surely will want something special for themselves in their wedding. This is where the wedding theme comes into picture. There are so many types of themes and I’m sure you have something in mind already still trying to figure out the details. I looked through some ideas in and here are some of the settings or decorations that I quite like that I want to share with you. Hopefully this will help you decide or get some ideas for your wedding reception.

Beach Reception

Urban Reception

Garden/Outdoor Reception

Destination Wedding Must-Knows

Destination wedding is very popular nowadays. However, it’s not easy to plan one as it is usually a place further away from where you are living.

When you are planning for one, you have to consider various aspects so that you won’t be caught off guard and ruin your big day.

I’m going to share some basic must-knows with you and you can find many related information on the Internet to help you with your wedding plan, I will also include useful books that you can read up at the end of the post.

  • Money matter – This is very important. Sad to say that everything needs money now, therefore you must ensure that you have the budget and also set a budget aside. I’m sure you don’t want to end up living a marriage life with debts. Also, do not forget to get group rate with the related service provider if you are going to be there in a group of at least 10. Not only that, make sure you have enough cash on hand.
  • The guests – Who are you going to be your guests for your wedding? People with little children? Elderly? You have to ensure that it is not a burden or trouble to them and ensure that there are facilities cater for them. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out people that are important in your life in your wedding.
  • The date – Make sure you have the date and ensure that it is made known in advance at least a year from the big day as there are many arrangements such as accommodation, flight tickets and so on that your guests and wedding party need to arrange for your big day.
  • Research – Be sure to find out details on where you want your wedding to be and talk to those that had their wedding there before and the locals.
  • Visit the place – Make sure you visit the place first before deciding, you need to know the place. Make a trip there with your other half and you can also take this opportunity to spend time together.
  • Wedding planner – You definitely need help in planning destination wedding as you are not staying there. You have to hire a local wedding planner so that they can plan and arrange all the necessary things for your wedding.
  • Special requirements – You must check with the relevant authorities on special travel requirements.
  • The language – It is best to know the basic of the local language.
  • Cameras – With the technology now, digital camera is better as you will not worry about your films got damaged.
  • Luggage – Very important, ensure that your luggage is big enough for things that you need for your wedding and also space for your shopping in case you plan to do some shopping there such as buying souvenirs for your loved ones who cannot attend your wedding.
  • Travel documents – Make sure they are valid.

Here are some books that you might want to read up:

Malaysian Man Marrying Indonesian Chinese Woman in Malaysia

I found some information shared by some people on the net on Malaysian man marrying Indonesian Chinese woman in Malaysia and would like to summarize it and share with you.

I’m not very sure how accurate is the information and also the person sharing the information don’t quite remember how much money he paid as it was quite a long time ago. However, hopefully this can be a reference for you and please double check with the relevant authority such as Immigration and JPN as there might be changes made to it already.

If you have the information, do feel free to share with us.

Here’s the step:

  1. Arrange your marriage registration date, it is recommended to go to the nearest Chinese Chamber of Commerce for help.
  2. Once the date is fixed, you have to ask your wife-to-be to stay in Malaysia for one month (Malaysian law requires a foreigner that is getting married to a Malaysian to stay in Malaysia for at least one month if you want to register in Malaysia)
  3. After registering your marriage, take the marriage certificate to the Immigration department to apply for visa to stay here. You will need to pay RM500 application fee. They also accept cheque.
  4. First application will need one month to have it approved. They will only give you 3 months visa for the first application(not sure you need to pay again or not); 6 months visa for second application; 1 year visa for third application. After that, you need to renew it annually.

However, I’m not sure how much is you need to pay when you get the visa or renewal. If I’m not mistaken, for the third time which is one year, you need to pay RM80+RM15(the later will allow the wife to go in and out of Malaysia with no number of restriction)

*Commenting closed due to overwhelming spams*

Make Your Own Engagement or Wedding Ring

This service is proudly brought to you by Amazon.

You can now create your own engagement or wedding ring. It is very easy to use and you can also save cost. Why not?

Even though you can save cost, doesn’t mean the quality will compromise. The quality is as what you have chosen. Why is that so?

Firstly, Amazon has lower overhead (they don’t need fancy display cases and velvet-cushioned seating), they can sell the same ring as a conventional jeweler, for about a third less than their price.

Second, Amazon got no commissions to make, so there’s no pressure to make a decision; instead, Amazon educates and guides, and lets customers choose at their leisure.

Third, because all of their diamonds are graded by highly trained gemologists and come with a certificate, you can be confident our diamonds measure up to their stated qualities. And because their diamonds are certified conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberly Process, you can buy with a clear conscience.

Finally, Amazon–a name you’ve come to trust for other online purchases–you know the ring will be covered by Amazon’s proven returns policy.

Here’s a screen shoot of how the you can create your own engagement or wedding ring

The first thing you’ll encounter is a set of sliding bars to help you narrow your choices and select your diamond. Start by picking your diamond shape. Then you can further refine your search by adjusting the sliders to set a range for price, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. You can click “see results” at any point in the process to view all the diamonds that match your criteria.

Once you’ve found and selected the diamond you want, you will move on to choose the setting. Here, you can narrow your choices to a particular style of setting or a specific metal type. The images will show you how your diamond will look mounted in the setting.

After you’ve chosen the setting that appeals to you, all that remains is to select the ring size, and then—you’re ready to order.

If you do not want to create your own and you can always find something in Amazon that you might like. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Chinese Wedding Traditions and Customs Guide

It’s been a while I’ve been tracking my stats for this site and notice that there are many people that are looking for information on How to Conduct Chinese Tea Ceremony. It’s a very popular search.

I got the article on how to conduct Chinese tea ceremony quite a long time ago. I got no idea where I go it at all. It’s either from mails sent by friends or from wedding related forums. I published the article here to share and Jina Boo, the owner of the article, also the owner of Complete wedding guide for your Chinese wedding, came to this site telling me that I should not claim this as my own work if I do not know the source.

For your information, I never claim it/them as mine, there are credits given in my Credits page.

Since the owner finally found her article(s) in here, it’s a good thing as finally some articles found the owners. I would love to find the orginal owners of some articles that I had published so that I can do a review or a write-up for you to help promote your site as your articles are very useful.

Frankly, I had never came across her site before until she contacted me by leaving a comment. I noticed that there are quite a number of Chinese wedding related articles are from her. I browsed through her site and it is really one good resource for your Chinese wedding.

If you would like to find out more about how to conduct Chinese wedding. Jina’s site is really a good one.

Let me share one of the articles from there that I like. It’s about how to choose your wedding date. This is definitely a good read and might be able to help solve your problem with your parents or in-laws or the relatives.

Last but not least, thanks Jina for the articles. I can’t pay you any money for the use of your articles but this is what I can do to thank you for the wonderful articles.

Keep up the good job Jina!

Personalised Gifts or Wedding Favours at

Looking for for personalized wedding gifts for your friends coming wedding? Getting married soon and thinking of what to have for your wedding favours?

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Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackhead is a problem to almost everyone. You can always go to the salon to get them removed.

Actually there’s many ways that you can try at home with natural ingredients or things you can find at home. I found some tips from the Internet and compile it here. I hope it will be helpful to you:

Oil cleanser
By using oil cleanser, it can get the blackheads out because it gets deep down to your pores and gets the blackheads out.

1. Warm a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon juice.
2. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and apply on the affected areas.
3. Wash after 10-15 minutes with cold water.

Lemon juice
1. Rub lemon juice over area before you go to bed
2. Rinse off in the morning.
Not only does this remove blackheads but it brightens and softens skin too.

Turmeric with mustard seeds
Apply turmeric with mustard seeds on the face before going to bed at night and wash it with water later.

Epsom salt and iodin
1. Combine 1/4 cup of hot water and 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt with 4-5 drops of iodine.
2. Be sure to mix them well.
3. Let the mixture cool off until it is warm to the touch.
4. Use a cotton stick or a cotton ball apply to the blackheads and surrounding area.
5. Gently remove with a warm wash cloth when it’s dry.

Here are some products you can get in the market for blackhead removal if the above don’t work for you: