Wedding & Property Fair

Wedding & Property Fair was held at Hills Shopping Mall from 29th April to 1st May.

The organizer was Ace Events and co-organize by WowBook 2011 and Hills Shopping Mall. The first 1500 people to the fair waere given with door gifts.

Some of the exhibitors are MD Kwang Tai Realty Sdn Bhd, Central City, D.Y. Nail Supplies, Epi Treatz, Wedding Touch, Blissful Ornament, Slimming Sanctuary, Kingdom Studio, Leslie Liew Photography, K Box Karaoke Embassy, The OASIS, Pullman Hotels and Resorts, ecohood, WowBook and more.

There was also lucky draw.

The 3-day event was filled with various activities.

Was there when the fashion show was going on.

The exhibitors.

Strangely, many people left when it’s time for lucky draw, many people left and it was terminated.

Wedding @ Pullman Kuching – Part 1 (Photos)

Today is the last day of the bridal fair at Pullman Kuching.

Do go there if you want to find out more about it and prepare for your big day. Went there yesterday and here’s some photos to share with you, still have more, will have part 2 coming up:

Fancy having these cars for your wedding?

About these?

They’re so cute! In case you saw them on the road and wonder what was it all about, it’s in conjunction of this bridal fair.

The arc greeted the visitors at the entrance.

One of the booths.

You can buy accessories on the spot. Even shoes too!

To be continued…

Wedding @ Pullman Kuching

Pullman Kuching is organizing the inaugural Bridal Fair on 1st – 3rd October 2010 at the hotel’s ballroom, Colosseum.

During the fair, gifts and attractive packages will be tailor made for wedding couples who desire to have a memorable and impressive wedding. In addition, plentiful of interesting programme are planned for the three days event such as Beauty talk, classic car show, fashion show, and many more.

Check out more here.

5th Sarawak Bridal Fair 2010 (Photos)

Did you pay 5th Sarawak Bridal Fair 2010 at Dewan Masyarakat a visit? It started yesterday and will end tomorrow. Went there yesterday.

The stage.

The traditional costume cladded mannequins at the entrance.

Another pair.

It’s not that big compare to it used to. Last time it was held at Crown Square.

More booths to share…

One was the latest industry players was also there.

By the way, they have lucky draw. You just have to fill in the form at the entrance.

Wedding cake sample.


Another photography booth.

Tomorrow is the last day, so check it out if you want.

Traveling with Medication

Time to go for your honeymoon after your wedding ceremony, did you check your luggage, your travel documents, and other necessities are packed?

One thing to remember though, if you are going to take medicines on a plane, do make sure it is in the exact container rather than other container. Not only that, if it’s prescribed, do ensure that you get the letter/note from your doctor/pharmacist that you are allowed to have the medication with you.

De Wedding Expo 2010

It’s been a while we don’t see any bridal fair. There will be one coming soon in March.

De Wedding Expo 2010 will be held at The Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. It’s organized by Sarawak Commercial Photographic Association in conjunction with its 3rd anniversary and co-sponsored by The Hills Shopping Mall.

It will be held at the ground floor of The Hills Shopping Mall from 25-28th March 2010. There will be 30 booths taking part ranging from bridal studios to travel agents to housing developers.

There will also be various programmes line up such as fashion show, photo exhibition, model photo shooting contest and lucky draws.

Please contact 082-417122 for more information.

Ask the Locals for Travel Advices

Going for your honeymoon at a foreign place? Got lost? Or just thinking of doing something the locals will do?

Be sure that you don’t ask where to go or ask for direction at the tourist areas. Just go to the nearby local shops or pubs and ask them their preferred places such as the beaches, restaurants, and so on so that you won’t be a victim of being “slaughtered” because you’re a tourist.

Heal Sunburn & Clean Skin

Had you honeymoon or had fun somewhere with all the sun and now having sunburn? Here’s a simple tip on how you can heal the sunburn at home with things you can get in kitchen.

Just mix the ration of 1:1/2 mixture of water and vinegar on your sunburn area including your face. You can sponge or wet a clothes with the mixture and gently dab it to the affected area. It will help in healing your sunburn and clean your skin at the same time.

Maximize Suitcase Volume

Done with your big day. Time to go for honeymoon. Packing the suitcase is always not an easy thing to do.

How to maximize your suitcase volume?
Just roll your tops and bottoms into tight rolls. Do make sure the most of the air is out before packing them. Then those lighter and less smaller rolls clothing, you can slip them in between those bigger rolls clothing.

As for your accessories, underwear, socks or very small items, stuff them inside your shoes or your handbags. You might also want to consider putting them in your hand luggage if there’s space.