Planning to get your very first house for your family? Looking for some home furnishing ideas for your new house? Pay a visit to SARBEX 2010 : TOTAL LIVING EXPO at BCCK(Borneo Convention Centre Kuching) starting from today(7/5/2010) until this Sunday(9/5/2010).

You will get to see over 200 exhibitors hailing from multinational and public listed companies, as well as local companies from Malaysia and neighbouring countries participating in this exhibition.


More photos of the expo to share with you that were taken this afternoon:

De Wedding Expo 2010

It’s been a while we don’t see any bridal fair. There will be one coming soon in March.

De Wedding Expo 2010 will be held at The Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. It’s organized by Sarawak Commercial Photographic Association in conjunction with its 3rd anniversary and co-sponsored by The Hills Shopping Mall.

It will be held at the ground floor of The Hills Shopping Mall from 25-28th March 2010. There will be 30 booths taking part ranging from bridal studios to travel agents to housing developers.

There will also be various programmes line up such as fashion show, photo exhibition, model photo shooting contest and lucky draws.

Please contact 082-417122 for more information.

Destination Wedding Must-Knows

Destination wedding is very popular nowadays. However, it’s not easy to plan one as it is usually a place further away from where you are living.

When you are planning for one, you have to consider various aspects so that you won’t be caught off guard and ruin your big day.

I’m going to share some basic must-knows with you and you can find many related information on the Internet to help you with your wedding plan, I will also include useful books that you can read up at the end of the post.

  • Money matter – This is very important. Sad to say that everything needs money now, therefore you must ensure that you have the budget and also set a budget aside. I’m sure you don’t want to end up living a marriage life with debts. Also, do not forget to get group rate with the related service provider if you are going to be there in a group of at least 10. Not only that, make sure you have enough cash on hand.
  • The guests – Who are you going to be your guests for your wedding? People with little children? Elderly? You have to ensure that it is not a burden or trouble to them and ensure that there are facilities cater for them. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out people that are important in your life in your wedding.
  • The date – Make sure you have the date and ensure that it is made known in advance at least a year from the big day as there are many arrangements such as accommodation, flight tickets and so on that your guests and wedding party need to arrange for your big day.
  • Research – Be sure to find out details on where you want your wedding to be and talk to those that had their wedding there before and the locals.
  • Visit the place – Make sure you visit the place first before deciding, you need to know the place. Make a trip there with your other half and you can also take this opportunity to spend time together.
  • Wedding planner – You definitely need help in planning destination wedding as you are not staying there. You have to hire a local wedding planner so that they can plan and arrange all the necessary things for your wedding.
  • Special requirements – You must check with the relevant authorities on special travel requirements.
  • The language – It is best to know the basic of the local language.
  • Cameras – With the technology now, digital camera is better as you will not worry about your films got damaged.
  • Luggage – Very important, ensure that your luggage is big enough for things that you need for your wedding and also space for your shopping in case you plan to do some shopping there such as buying souvenirs for your loved ones who cannot attend your wedding.
  • Travel documents – Make sure they are valid.

Here are some books that you might want to read up:

Trade to Save Wedding Cost

Wedding is never cheap, how can you cut cost and get what you want? Here’s a way that you can consider, it’s a win-win situation.

Trade! Yes! Trade your service with another service provider. This is especially useful if you own your own business.

For example, you are in the printing industry and you are thinking of getting MC for your wedding, you can trade your service with the MC by providing him with printing of his business cards, postcards and so on.

Take time to see what you can trade with the wedding service providers, it will surely save you some cost along the way.

Wedding Expo 2009

It was not there at all. Might have been postponed.

The wedding expo is back at a bigger and better location. This time it will be held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) from 10am-9pm on 7th August 2009-9 August 2009.

This is organised by Sarawak Commercial Photographic Association with Techno Expo as event manager.

There will be 2 sponsored booths, 12 bridal booths, 28 corner booths, 36 intermediate booths and 10 car parking spaces for rent.

Do contact Lee(019-8868955) or Ho(019-8868959) for more details.

Introduction to 1st Sarawak Wedding Magazine

The beauty and harmonious wedding ceremonies and moments has always been a very interesting and extracting factors for a home town wedding consultant, Cassie Bong to publish the 1 st Wedding Magazine in Sarawak.

TRUE Wedding, as it is conceptualized and named by her, the magazine will highlights many interesting topics and titles particularly the rainbow colours of marriage lives of all races, ethnics, status, economy and religions.

“The magazine will feature almost every aspect from wedding preparations, wedding day ceremonies, colourful wedding customs of each ethnic and race in Sarawak, real couple stories, counseling section, and many other thrilling related topics. We at Glorious Liberty aim to make this magazine an important source for couples seeking advice and general readers about the real marriage life such as: How to survive many years of marriage and keep the loves going strong. ” Said Cassie, during the soft launch ceremony today held at Four Points Hotel by Sheraton.

The soft launch was done by YB Puan Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman GhazaIi, ADUN N7 Samariang.

“The 1st issue of the magazine expected to be out by end of April. We welcome companies or professionals to take up advertisements page in the magazine, especially the 1 st issue as we have come out with a very attractive and value for money advertisement rates” add Cassie again. She also mentioned about planning for few events to support the existence of the magazine such as Wedding and Beauty Expo, Miss Teens Outstanding Contest and some charity programs for this year.

The 200 coloured pages magazine will be retailing at RM15 per issue. It will be published every 3 months.

For organizations or companies interested to advertise or require more details on the sponsorship package or advertisement rates, please call Cassie at 012.3635556, Alice at 010.9625632 or Jessie at 013.8338424 or call the office at 082.259833.

3rd Malaysia Wedding Festival incorporating Wedding Banquet & Services Expo

3rd Malaysia Wedding Festival incorporating Wedding Banquet & Services Expo is coming this weekend. Those of you in West Malaysia might want to pay the expo a visit.

  • The largest wedding expo in town
  • You will get to see Carven Ong, Dominique Chan, Alvin Tay & Amber Goh bridal fashions
  • Many exciting programmes in the pipeline Wedding de Luxe magazine for free(while stock last when purchase tickets)

Date: 20 – 22/3/2009 (Fri-Sun)
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Time: 12.00NOON – 8.00PM
Entrance fee: RM5/person

Check out or call 03-2166 2833 for more details.

100% Jewellery Trade-in by Minex Jewellery

Minex Jewellery had just launched this program today. It is something many people that love jewellery or diamond will rejoice to.

All these while, to get 100% trade-in for your jewellery is impossible but now it’s possible and with this you can even own a 1-carat diamond faster than you think you could. Starting from 1st November 2008, Minex Jewellery customers will enjoy this benefit.

How it works?
From 1st November 2008 onwards, any jewellery item you buy from Minex Jewellery automatically becomes eligible for 100% Jewellery Trade-in program.

When you are ready to trade-in your item, just visit Minex Jewellery at Tun Jugah Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia and pick another item of a higher value for your upgrade.

There is no time limit or minimum upgrades for you to worry about when you trade-in with them. Be sure the jewellery was bought from Minex Jewellery.

You can have a peace of mind buying diamond from Minex Jewellery because they have the most detailed certificate of authenticity in Malaysia. Besides that, the owner himself is a certified gemologist. There are only 3 of them in Kuching(or is it Sarawak?) and Mr. Benjamin Wong is one of them.

With the 100% trade-in program now, owning a 1-carat diamond is no longer impossible. With their dream plan, you will own one in 3 years time! Here’s how their 3-year dream plan works (Click to view)

Check it out with Minex Jewellery and see how you can benefit from it.

Contact Details:
Minex Jewellery
Tun Jugah Centre
Lot 105-106, Level 1, Tun Jugah Centre
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel: 082-258089 Fax: 082-258030

Husband & Wife Monthly Allowances

Money is always one of the things that can ruin your relationship. Married couple should be aware of this and there is a need to adjust your spending habits. It’s is very common if a couple has their own hobbies and spent a lot of money on them. They will surely whine or complain about the other one spending more than them and so on.

Here’s a way to make each other happy and fair. Give each other a monthly allowance that each can spend however he/she please. If one thinks that the other is wasting his/her allowance, fret not as it won’t matter much because the budget is there. They cannot spend more than that else it defeats the purpose.

That way, both can plan their money usage carefully without bursting the household budget or touching budget for some other things else the one who suffer will be themselves.

Real VS Fake Flowers For Wedding

Flowers are always a must in a wedding. It doesn’t matter it is formal or informal wedding, you will definitely see flowers everywhere, on the car, at the alter, the bouquet, the hair accessories and so on. I don’t think there’s any wedding without flowers.

Brides always have difficulty to decide whether to use real or fake flowers. Those who prefer real flowers would usually tell you that there should not be fake things in a wedding, therefore the flowers must be real. Those who prefer fake ones usually will tell you that they want to cut cost and they don’t emphasize on it since it won’t last and it’s not a very wise investment. Whatever reason given, it’s up to the couple to decide.

If you haven’t decide and you don’t mind having real or fake flowers, then you can consider the pros and cons of them. Usually we see plastic flowers here but did you know that there’s actually silk flower that looked like real. Anyway, we are not going to discuss about silk flower for now. We will just cover this topic based on the general fake and real flowers.

Why real flowers?

  • Naturally scented
  • Pretty
  • Exquisite details
  • Soft and delicate to the touch
  • More traditional
  • Photograph extremely well (especially in close-ups)
  • More luxurious
  • Can be preserved (freeze dried)
  • The sentimental value


  • Required maintenance
  • Higher cost
  • Cause allegies
  • Not suitable for very hot weather or strong wind
  • Cannot have it in advance
  • Can only go for what you can get in the season
  • Not easy to transport

Why fake/artificial flowers?

  • No maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Cheaper
  • Can be reused for home or office decor
  • Great for those with allergies
  • Can obtain easily
  • More choices, no worries about the season
  • Can be prepared in advance
  • Might look real depending on the quality and the price that you are willing to pay
  • Easy transportation


  • Might look cheap (again it depends on the quality of it)
  • Difficult to recreate the delicate floral fragrance of a real flower

Another way is that you can have both real or fake flowers for your wedding. You don’t have to have real flowers everywhere and you don’t have to have fake flowers everywhere. For example, at location that exposed directly to sun, wind, and rain, you might want to go for fake ones and you can have real ones for your bouquet, hair accessories and the guest tables. You can read Faux Florals and Candles (One-of-a-Kind Weddings) by Laura Maffeo and Colleen Mullaney and Faux Florals in Glass: 30-Plus Unique Arrangements in Clear Vases and Other Glassware by Ardith Beveridge.

Proper planning and compromising is needed to ensure you don’t spend all your money just on flowers as I don’t think this is a very wise move to spend so much on flowers, it can cost a lot especially when you want to have everything “real”.