Keep Fit Together

Being healthy is good. Doing exercise alone can be boring. Why don’t you get your partner to join you in your workout. It will be more fun and at the same time it can be a great way to spend quality time together. It kills two birds with one stone, why not?

Let Him Talk

Sometimes, ladies just talked too much if you notice. Men usually don’t have the chance to talk and it’s dominated by the ladies. Sometimes when a couple in an argument, the ladies will mostly be the one who does all the talking, the men would just keep quiet.

The fact is the ladies should give the men time talk, stop and wait for them to respond. Their brains are not wired like how the ladies do. It will make a whole lot of difference. It will definitely reduce the ladies frustration on why the men never talk or have minimum conversation.

Let them talk. Don’t rush them.

Prevent Jewelry Rashes

There are people that will get rashes when wearing jewelry. If you have such problem, I’m sure you don’t want this to happen to you on your wedding when you will be surely wearing some jewelries to match your outfit.

Ensure that when you buy your accessories or jewelries, they are free from nickle as this is the main culprit that causes the rashes.

Avoid the Peek-A-Boo

If you are going to wear a dress with plunging neckline, I’m sure you don’t want people to see your undergarment or you bare breast. You can easily secure that area with double faced tape that you can get at the drug store will do, you don’t have to buy the one specially used for garment as it is very expensive.

After you’ve done so, you don’t have to worry about the peek-a-boo incident and enjoy your wedding.

Take Care of Your Jewelries

We all know that moisture is bad for your jewelries. If you want to ensure that your jewelries are in good condition for a long time, make sure the storage box is dry. All you need to do is by placing a chalk inside the box and that will do the trick, it keeps the moisture from the air out.

Protect Your Pillowcase from Newly Dyed Hair

Just got your hair dyed for your wedding? I’m sure some of us had this problem of having woke up with stained pillowcase especially the light coloured pillowcase because of the newly dyed hair.

To avoid this problem, slip a dark t-shirt or unwanted t-shirt over your pillowcase. That way you will not ruin your pillowcase with your newly dyed hair and save you the trouble trying to get rid of the colour by washing it.

New Earrings Problem

For those who wants to wear a new pair of earrings for your big day, it is best to make sure your ears can handle them as some earrings might cause your ears to chapped, got infected, or give you pain and making you uncomfortable on your big day.

Make sure you try them out before wearing it on your big day and rub the earrings bases and also your piercings every night with rubbing alcohol so that you can prevent the uncomfortable issue from happening.

Problem with Slipping into your Heels?

Do you plan to wear a pair of heels that is quite difficult to slip into for your coming wedding or photo shoot session or visiting friends’ house especially during occasion which require you to take off your shoes?

You can try this tip:
All you need is baby powder. Dust it to the bottom of your feet and the inside of the shoe before putting them on.

That should solve the problem of struggling to get your heels when you leave rather than having a hard time trying to wear your heels while everyone is waiting for you.

Wordrobe Malfunction is a NO NO

I’m sure you don’t want any wardrobe malfunction during your big day. Especially for the bride such as accidentally show of nipple due to the dress design and it might show in certain angle that you least expected it. The simplest way is to tape your nipple with nipple tape or bandages as nipple tape. That way you will avoid the embarrassing moment being caught on video or photos from certain angle either accidentally or intentionally.

Learn Something Together

Learning something together will be a great way for couple to connect with each other. It will be fun doing it together, you get to learn from each other be it a new language, new musical instrument, new dishes and so on.

Not only both of you can gain new knowledge but also can spend quality time together. It can also kill those boredom on don’t know what to do or get sick of doing the same thing over and over again.