Sweet Surrender Shipping Spree

From time to time, we will travel to different destination overseas. While we are there, we will personally shop for your orders and at the same time shop for ourselves. No middle man. Guaranteed genuine.

Certain countries sell the products cheaper than Malaysia. Therefore, we figured that you might be interested to get the same products with cheaper price. Since we are already there, might as well help you to get it while doing our own shopping.

We try to price the products lower than market price whenever possible. There are also some products that are not available in Malaysia but we can help you buy it. These products are specially selected and recommended by us.

Visit us at Sweet Surrender Shopping Spree

Looking for Aveeno, Bourjois, Vichy, Burts Bee's, and more? Pre-order and we ship within Malaysia.

First 5 buyers who made an order of RM100 and above in total bill will get a gift/souvenir from our trip. Make your order now, about 1 month left to closing of order.

Alternatively, you can also shop via our FB Page if you have FB account.

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